Sunday, September 02, 2012

The Ones To Let Go (No 5)


Me wearing it:

Type: 2-Piece Modern Kurung (Top + Flowy Skirt)
Color: Dark Purple (just like in the picture)
Material:  Silk Chiffon + Satin (lining)
Additional Features: Double Layer on lower hem + Pleating at chest area + Heavy beading at shoulders + Wrapped Buttons at sleeves hem + very flowy skirt (pls refer picture)
Size: Fit for XS-S (length of skirt = 37 inch, length of top = 33 inch, length of sleeves = 21 inch)
My measurement: 34 - 26-36
Worn not more than 2 times
Condition 7/10
Cost to made : almost RM500
Selling Price: RM149 including postage (COD can be negotiated based on location)
Additional Remarks: Perfect for Kenduris, and honestly for baju tunang also suitable since there are heavy beading. However there is a bit of flaws:

1) There's a small torn inside the pleating (pic 7) however in pic 8 you can see if you iron it carefully the torn is not visible
2) For the top, on lower right side, the fabric has become a bit "berbulu" (dont know what to call it) but not clearly visible.
Thus I'm letting it go at much lesser from the original price.

Anyone interested or for further T & C kindly email to



Izrin said...

Babe!! cantik2 baju u!!! kalau i muat, semua pon i beli from u. Sapa tailor u eh? price utk buat baju tu macam reasonable la.

Anyway, u oso give me idea, i oso want to sell off some of my old baju that i manage pakai sekali dua je, pastu tak muat dah.. hahah :p

DalilaMian said...

izrin: tq dear..actually i mmg suke beli kain and hanta kt tailor ikut design yg i nk.

alaa tailor yg i anta tu tailor biase aje. kedai dekat ngn hospital ampang pandan mewah.

kalau utk kain biase(bukan chiffon or kain mahal2 la) die jahit mmg kemas and murah.die rajin layan i yg nk fesyen itu kekadang tu adelah sket flaw jahitan overall oklah..