Sunday, September 02, 2012

The Ones To Let Go (No 1)


Me wearing it:

Type: 2-Piece Modern Kurung (Slightly Short Top + Wide Skirt)
Color: Soft Pink (just like in the picture)
Material: Chiffon Georgette + Satin (lining)
Additional Features: Wrapped Buttons +simple beading + simple lace patching on neck, sleeves & lower hem (pls refer picture)
Size: Fit for XS-S (length of skirt = 38 inch, length of top = 23 inch. length of sleeves = 21 inch)
My measurement: 34 - 26-36
Worn not more than 3 times
Condition 8/10
Cost to made : around RM300++
Selling Price: RM149 including postage (COD can be negotiated based on location)
Additional Remarks: Perfect for Kenduris, and honestly for baju tunang also suitable since there are beading and lace patches

Anyone interested or for further T & C kindly email to



Maria Natasha said...

DILA! sure ke nak jual baju ni? baju ni lawa gila kottttt... entah size ke tidak kalau beli ni. nakkk!

DalilaMian said...

maria natasha:ye dik..meh meh beli..blh cube dulu

Anonymous said...

I want pls contact me at