Friday, September 14, 2012

Tension Breaker

What is the best way to release some of the tension and boredoom?

None other than cooking!

These are couple of dishes i cooked for the past 2 days..

Linguine with shrimp

Add some fresh grated parmesan cheese if u like..i put a lot of them!

Meatball Bolognese..again with grated parmesan cheese

To finish it up with Cookies & Cream ice cream!

It was full of italian meal this week was easy and fun too!..amo cucinare!



spec biru said...

looks delicious =)

L@dyKichiMachiko said... tasty and i know it.. used to cook to relieve stress.

DalilaMian said...

spec biru: hehe..sndiri masak sndiri makan..mmg sodappp
L@dyKichiMachiko: kannn???rase cam best je after abis masakk