Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Another Travel Tips

When i went to my little Euro Tour back in 2011, it was only me and my mum.

Me & my mum at Harrods

Even my hubby (fiance at that time) wasn't convince to let both of us go by ourselves. Yelah sblm ni x pnh pg tempat sebegitu jauh.

But i was confident with myself.hahahaha. To me sgt2 adventure dpt pg sndiri. Actually London has been my dream country to visit. And when i got the chance mmg excited sgt2.

First skali beli tiket flightla dulukan. Nasib baik kebetulan time tu ade MATTA Fair kt PWTC.  At that time i managed to find the cheapest price which is around RM1200 return..tp jgn tertipu..itu x masuk tax hehe..i pun tkena gak mula2. After campur2 tax bagai total dlm almost RM2500 gitu..

To me still agak mahal sbb kalau AirAsia buat promo bwh Rm2k blh dpt but unfortunately that time Airasia pnye price lg mahal sbb xde promo. Ohhh before lupe,i beli from travel agency and its a ticket from Gulf Air (Bahrain Airline).

Since we were planning to visit more than just 1 place (London), i surveyed mane lg nk pg. One of the most useful website that helped me A LOT and provided me with enough information is www.seat61.com.

xtaula pakcik yg create website ni kaki travel or what but i love his website sooooooo MUCH. Gile particular info die sume. believe me if u travel on ur own lg2 kt tempat with different language, that kind of help is really appreciated.

We planned to also visit Switzerland & France. One of the cheapest way to travel within Europe is by train (ade bas tp journey sgt panjang and ade plane tp kalau x promo harga mahal)

All the info such as what airlines/train to use, which platform to stop, which station to change the train, and so many more info i got it from this website. Punyelah detail info die smpai rase mcm dah tau sume jalan kt sane.

For example;from London we wanted to go to Geneva so i bought Eurostar train to get us to Paris (as a connection) and another train which is TGV-Lyria to connect us to Geneva. 

In Paris we arrived at Gare du Nord sedangkan nk amek TGV-Lyria kne pg Gare du Lyon. So in the website it provided all the route to go to Gare de Lyon an in fact to any station u want to go. we had only 2 hours gap before train ke Geneva blepas so sbb ade info yg cukup we managed to find the station siap sampai awal gile.

Me at Gare du Nord Train Station

Another thing yg website itu sgt membantu is die siap bg tips on how to beli tiket paling murah and how to arrange ur timing . u hv to explore the website then u will understand how it can help.

It was end of Spring. The weather and temperature was perfect! not too cold or too hot. around 13C -17 C.
So bawklah pakaian yg bersesuaian dgn cuaca ye? Especially baju sejuk..many told me x pyh beli kt Msia sbb blh beli je kt sane and lg murah..

Hehehe sape kate? i didnt do that due to few reason:

1) Bile dh smpai sane and mmg niat kite nk menyoping baju sejuk saje2 yes silakan but kalau mmg niat nk jalan2 and tgk2 saje sgt rugi kalau baru nk cari2 baju sejuk kt sane. buang masa sbb masa adalah sgt berharga disana yeee.and sometimes kite akan stuck dgn design yg kite x suke or harga still mahal...mase tuh xkan nk memilih lg kan?badan dah sejuk beku kne jugakla beli. This is based on my experience mase honeymoon ari tu when baju sejuk yg dibawa x cukup nk menampung kesejukan mase tu temperature dlm 6C smpai -9C. last2 kne cari merata gak utk baju sejuk yg lg tebal.

 2) Currency akan buatkan harga barang kt sane relatively mahal jugak. While in Venice the cheapest price for winter jacket  i blh jmpe was EUR40 during sale....dlm RM lebih kurang RM160 itupun design paling cikai la tuh..kalau still nk rase mmbeli kt sane kne betul2 time sale or beli dekat market/junksale die.

3) kalau beli siap2 kt msia kite ade bnyk masa nk memilih and kalau pandai cari still boleh jumpe yg murah.trust me.my mum did find a RM5 winter jacket dekat pasar malam ,LOL..and blh tahan tebal okayyy..she used it for her Japan trip while temperature was about 10C - 18C..not bad..

Unless u mmg aim nk beli designer/branded pnye winter coat/jacket/trench coat la kan..kt sane lg murah..

Anyway pendek kata sediakan segala kelengkapan/keperluan kite siap2 dari Msia..dekat sane just spend masa/duit utk bende lain cth: g muzium die, attractions die, souvenir die. jgn tang tang tu baru nk cari baju sejuk, nak cari kasut, nk cari stokin (like me) nk cari topi bagai..huhuhu..

Thats all from me..

Till we meet again for more travel tipss..huhu..

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