Friday, August 03, 2012

The Box & The Parcel

Arrived safely..

Sampai satu kotak?hamek kauuuuuu..

Actually recently i purchased online quite a lot. My favourite website is ASOS & MANGO..

memang gile dibuatnye..

Oh Dila..pls pls pls stop to shop okay?

(thats my hubby ckp sambil tepuk dahi..)



Anonymous said...

hi dila..

for mango online shopping..their delivery 2-5 working days means that we will receive our parcel within that period ke atau after 2-5 days baru diorg nak ship our parcel?

i dah tepengaruh dgn u :D


DalilaMian said...

Hi ninie!

Best kan mango?? Anyway masa I order it took dlm 4-5 workings days la nk smpai umah.die pakai DHL..all the way from roughly betul la estimation die tu dlm 2-5 days.

Anonymous said...

yeaayy..xsabar nk tggu parcel sampai..hehee..thanks for sharing!

DalilaMian said...

ninie: yeayyy..i can feel ur excitement!