Saturday, August 18, 2012

Jovian Mandagie Boxing Day

At first i tot of cancelling it..malasssssss nk gerak awal..

but having second tot and i decided to just go and redah..

a fren already waited there from 7.30am cmtu and when i came rase segan nk join die so i beratur la belakang..segan ngn org2 yg dah lame beratur.

but as expected..crowd gile ramai..ade yg dh tunggu seawal 3.30am!

Sebahagian dr crowd..beratus2 org gakla..

i was on the boxing lane sbb mmg nk cube dulu br beli..xmo trus grab sbb takut x fit..

Made new friend..Ziana..all the way from Singapore hokayyy.. bile tgh beratur ade dgr2 bnyk stok dh abis so die kecewa sgt2..

Her waiting number 4F.

Mine 3G..mine all the pics mmg lighting buruksss..

mamat ni tibe2 out of nowhere bg pengumuman stok mane yg tinggal and mane yg dah abis. tp bagus gak..

Ziana made it to the hall first..jeless tauuuuu

But guess what??

I didnt wait until i got inside the hall eventho i was almost near the entrance..

Haisshhh..i was in a rush 

so gave my number to the girl at the counter and left the much its breaking my heart but i couldnt wait anymore..the line were moving soooooo damn sloww.

i promised my mum i would brought her to buy some raya stuff and i cannot be late as she doesnt like waitingg.

as for the boxing days itself..i know they have tried their best but still i found some flaws during the events.

1) the announcement for design & size left was not clear
2) since they were using some number system, ade yg beratur lambat got the chance masuk dulu sbb nombor yg die pegang tu bergerak kesian sape2 yg dtg lg awal yg pegang no means personal shopper yg handle nombor tu lambat buat keje kottt.
3)i tot method boxing day ni u just lepaskan sume org and bg masuk sekali letaklah penjaga kat setiap section..mcm every design and fitting room letak org jage and max no of baju nk xdela tunggu sampai 4-5 jam not knowing what we get. itulah style boxing day kalau kt oversea..standard la kalau ade baju koyak/rosak..itu mmg damage yg die kne expectla.
4) i didnt make it in to the hall so x sure what happened. but we were given a form to fill the design and size mane nk try.but kalau time kite sampai depan and those design tu dah xde kite x bole tukar langsung and abis kt situ jee..sbb dlm form tu limited to 4 designs u get me??or x phm sbb aku pun confius here

i am soooo interested to try Janina P,Jadore B size xde rezeki kott..

So that's my story..queued for almost 4 hours but didnt get myself anything..