Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Its Just A Number

We bought a new car..actually my hubby bought a new replace the antic we are using now..heheh..(antik2 pun dah bnyk bjasa okayy)..

We didnt want to spend much on the plat number however decided to go personally to JPJ to register ourselves.

Basically to go to JPJ the one in KL (Setapak i think) all the good numbers will be gone like in a split we went to Padang Jawa for the Selangor number.

Alltho all the good ones are taken (or tendered or sold for insanely high price) we wanted to try for 3 digits number like for the rest of my hubby's families. But nadaaaaa..

We ended up using repeated number..kire cantikla tuuuhh. But consisted of number "4"..

"XXX 4242"

we didnt think much.we paid and we left.

after that people scolded us saying its a bad number means "senang mati" for chinese.

we were like..

"errr..x terpikirpun..nk buat cmne dah beli pun..lgpun kan elok selalu ingat psl mati".


p/s: any thoughts on this?its just a number....right?


love for life said...

dila sebab in chinese no 4 tu sebutan dia "sei" and mati in chinese pun "sei" hahah so mayb ade connection di situ, hihih but for me its just a number lorrr.

DalilaMian said...

loveforlife:yeahh..aware of the meaning xpelah..number je kan?hehehe