Monday, August 13, 2012

Iftar With Some Old Friends

Yesterday i finally got to gather 2 of my ex-housemates / old friends to join me for iftar.

After such a long time of planning and cancelling..yesterday it was.

Some cancelled on us, some couldn't make it,so got another we decided to just proceed with only 3 couples.

We didn't want to go somewhere where it can cost us a bomb. Then we decided Bora Asmara it was.

Actually i was half hearted because  i know the food there didn't really get a good review.

But most of other place either there were too far or already fully booked.

Bora Asmara was located conveniently near to all of hentam sajelah..

Plus konon2 nk ambience cantik and romantikla..buekkkk expected..the food wasn't that nice.

I mean bole-laahhhh..

For RM50 i now why its a bit cheaper than other place.

The selection wasn't that many...and they didn't top up the food so at the end there were not many left to eat.

I remember ade chicken mandy, kambing, roti jala, kuey teow,nasi putih, lauk ayam,sayur2an, ade isi ikan masak stim kot kalau x silap, udang masak lemak (cepat gile abis), mi goreng, daging kicap, rendang daging, cucur udang, kuih muih sket, air berais ade 4 jenis tp rase so-so la.. ade aiskirim tp x rase pun, ABC, teh tarik..

so lebih kurang itu ajelah hidangannya. mcm nk 2nd round tu ok nk 3rd round tu dah xde pe nk tgk dah..

Tapi kire Alhamdullilah bersyukurla dpt jugak kami makan...rezeki dari Allah.

cume kalau orang tnye worth it ke x..hmmm i'd say not it is not.

I can say Istana Bambu or Intai Intai jauh meninggalkan Bora Asmara ni dari segi rasa and food selection..harga pun x jauh beza...ive been to these places so i can compare la..mmg beza.

Nak tunjuk gamba pun xde sbb xde mood nk tangkap gambo apepun..

Gamba ni je buat kenangan...

Itu diaaaaaa aku yg tembam..puasa puasa pun tembam jugakkk..hurrmmppp



Guide me through.. said...

agreed! Food wasn't that good but we had great time together. That's what counts. We should do that more often! :)