Monday, August 27, 2012

AXE Anarchy Island Getaway

just a quick glance, me and hubby have been married for...8 months..

ehhh wait..(we got hitched on 28 October last year so ohhh ok..)

we've been married for 10 months now. (see?not even a year passed and i already forgot)

i always heard people say the beautiful, sweet and romantic life of marriage only happen during the early stage of  the relationship.

i wont say it's not true.

But u dont have to agree or abide to it right?

im proud to say even until now me and hubby managed to keep the spark alive. im not only saying on the intimate side but also all sort of aspects.

but dont get me all doesnt come easy just like that .it comes with effort, alternatives, patience, understanding and tolerance.

i calm him down after his long tiring day at work..massage him, make him cold drinks (sometimes ehehe) make him feel confortable at home.

 and him?he will do the same to me. its a 2 way relationship

but marriage is more than just rubbing and massage when ure tired. preparing meals when ure hungry. its more than that.

and now we are the point where something else matter more.

how we survived each other. our flaws and bad side of us.

and how to make the attraction between us become no less when time passes.

i want to be someone who is perfect when im around him.

thats when u need some extra help.

ive heard of this thing call "opposite attracts" or "attracting the opposite sex"

well obviously we are attracted to each other (husband and wife daaaaaa)

but to spice it up a bit will do not harm aitte??

im thinking of changing how my body smells like..

or in another word..a new deodorant.for both of us.

Anarchy For Her Body Spray-for me

Anarchy For Him Deodorant Body Spray.- for him

im telling u its perfect for us. "opposite attracts" theory was successfully proven.

a great addition.

And not to forget mentioning how dying and badly we are in need for our second honeymoon.

we did plan for a beach getaway ..but maybe need to save more money first..

because it ain't gonna be cheap.



Teh Tarik Drinker said...

great read! all the best for the competition!