Friday, August 31, 2012

The Ones To Let Go..

Among the collection to let go..its neither Jovian or Rizalman but it's special to me. it was designed and made with love and passion..:)


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Selling off

hey ladies!

Planning to sell some of my baju kurung collection

Most of them are still in good condition.

Ill pdate about it the soonest yaaa!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Its Just A Number

We bought a new car..actually my hubby bought a new replace the antic we are using now..heheh..(antik2 pun dah bnyk bjasa okayy)..

We didnt want to spend much on the plat number however decided to go personally to JPJ to register ourselves.

Basically to go to JPJ the one in KL (Setapak i think) all the good numbers will be gone like in a split we went to Padang Jawa for the Selangor number.

Alltho all the good ones are taken (or tendered or sold for insanely high price) we wanted to try for 3 digits number like for the rest of my hubby's families. But nadaaaaa..

We ended up using repeated number..kire cantikla tuuuhh. But consisted of number "4"..

"XXX 4242"

we didnt think much.we paid and we left.

after that people scolded us saying its a bad number means "senang mati" for chinese.

we were like..

"errr..x terpikirpun..nk buat cmne dah beli pun..lgpun kan elok selalu ingat psl mati".


p/s: any thoughts on this?its just a number....right?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Travel Tips...Tips Ke??

I got some frens asking about my experience when i traveled oversea.

Alhamdulillah so far i managed to travel to more than 8 countries which located in 3 different continents.

And of course i do hope (highly!) the number will increase (am working on it!)

Obviously one of my passion is to travel.


Due to soooooooooooooooooooooo many reasons.

Antaranya adalah to see the world outside. Im the kind or person who like to see places, see people. So many things you can learn from it.

You can learn people's culture, their language, etc..

to me yg paling menarik adalah weather nya, infrastructure nya and lifestyle nya... very fascinating.

weather is because negara kite 2 musim sampai kesudahla ko xkan rase lg 2 musim tu kan..obviously kne pg luar br dpt merasa. so far winter dh rase..cukup!tobatttt xmo dah...however it was a beautiful experience if u ask me.... same as spring...MasyaAllah cantiknyeee!!!

infrastructure nye plak dr segi transportation..mcm europe i cukup tabik how they manage they transportation.. in london tu depends dgn tube (train) pun dh cukup..x de kereta pun xde hal lahhh. and they really restrict org nk bw kete masuk bandar so traffic jam tu mmg very nk travel within london no hassle at all. perancangan dari segi tu mmg sgt teratur. Thats why people dont really depend on car bcause public transport mereka dah sangat bagus. ko dok ceruk mane pun still bole dpt train. it's reliable and reachable!

how i wish Malaysia (KL to be more specific) mcm tu jgak..

lifestyle?hehehe..ini merangkumi, eating, shopping..

Kat oversea expecially in Europe and US disitulah makbapak segala about fashion. Kebanyakkan fashion designer lahir dari sane..sooooooooo mmg kalau duduk sane setakat nk beli handbag Gucci/LV atau kasut Jimmy Choo tu no hal lahh.. sbb jauh lg murah..lagi2 kalau earn kt sane...mmg tiap2 bulan aku beli handbag sebijik kauuuuuuu. actually itu antara tarikan paling kuat..i suke shopping nokkkkk sooo kalau ade duit and duduk sane mmg gile dibuatnyeee..

Itu antara sebab2 why aku suke g mengembara (eccehhh mcm musfir plak bunyi). Bnyak sgt bende nk tgk..nk explore..nk discover..

But im not saying Malaysia x best (before ade org hentam/komen cakap aku ni lupe diri kannnn)..cmne best pun oversea, Malaysia ttp di hati..tanah tumpah darah..tempat bermain,berkahwin dan etc.

What im trying to say is that kalau ade peluang pg lah tgk dunia luar..ull appreciate it.

Also its really good if kita dpt tukar2 pengalaman dgn org yg same minat travel ni. ...boleh faham knp sanggup spend riban2 nk beli flight tiket,tempah hotel bagai. headache nk create itinerary sndiri sbb xnk harap travel agent (mahaiiii laaa)

I met some people who doesn't get the idea of spending money to dorang itu membazir. dengar je crite tiket 2-3 ribu trus cakap  "isshhh mengarutlah"..."x kuase aku nk spend bnyk mcm tu"... "makk aiiii balik makan pasir le jwpnye".. well..itu terpulang..pendapat masing2..duit pun masing2 xde hal.

Like me antara tips kalau nk travel ni i like to do research..a lot of research..start dari harga tiket flight, transport kt sane, hotel, ape/mane nk makan, tempat nk lawat, money exchange mane nk tukar bla bla bla..

i m not really into travelling with independent kotttt.hahah perasann.

kalau dulu suke sgt mase Airasia still ade route pg London & Paris. tp skrg hampeh dah ditarik kne harapkan airline middle east jela..actually MAS pun quiet ok kalau die buat promo..blh tahan harganya and definitely will opt for MAS kalau harga tgh promo..service tip top!makanan best!

for flight ticket price i like to survey kat WEGO. compared to other flight search engine, wego ni blh buat comparisons tanpa kluar bnyk2 window... sume kluar kt satu page je so senang bangat. trus blh dpt mane airline offer harga paling murah utk certain dates yg uoll letak. very very useful.

Kalau utk hotel ade a few yg aku suke. antaranya AGODA, Booking.Com,HotelClub, Venere.Com, Wotif.Com..itu antara i paling sukewwww. customer service pun bagus..cepat reply and review hotel2 dorang sume blh dipakai. When booking a hotel, try to book yg close dgn public transport,,itu crucial..jgn main tibai nk yg murah tp nk cari kemain susah..buang masa for me i will search in hotel seach engine first, then try cari kalau hotel tu ade website sndiri..and then masuk Tripadvisor utk tgk ranking and additional br ade better picture before nk book.

and for those yg nk travel time summer, sila book awal sbb confirm full and harga mencanak naik.

And utk tempat makan plak..mmg susah la nk cari masak lemak kt sane normally we go for middle east restaurant..mostly halal. seperti biase kalau book hotel biase xde dapur kan..just boleh rebus megi bawakla bekal megi lebih me smpai je sane lidah ni tetiba craving nk pedas2 nnti..
if in lodnon agak senang nk cr restoran melayu, tp in other part of europe like paris, ke..mmg susah...before pg survey kt tenet mane ade provide halal meals..penting tu sbb while in Paris i forgot to survey so we ended up walking almost half an hour in freezing cold weather to cari halal restoran.

allocate dalam min 7euro -15 euro (if kt europe la) for each person per meal.. kalau dlm RM dalam 30-50 hinggit la sekali mkn. itu x campur mkanan kunyah2.

lain cerita kalau book apartment..boleh jimat dgn masak je kat dapur..alaaa nasi putih ngn telur kicap pun dah kire sodapla tu kannn.

for now itu je tips yg dpt diberi..hopefully bguna pda nusa dan bangsa..insyaAllah nnti ade lg post utk tips2 menjimatkan duit ketika bercuti yaaaa..

till then..kudoss..


Monday, August 27, 2012

AXE Anarchy Island Getaway

just a quick glance, me and hubby have been married for...8 months..

ehhh wait..(we got hitched on 28 October last year so ohhh ok..)

we've been married for 10 months now. (see?not even a year passed and i already forgot)

i always heard people say the beautiful, sweet and romantic life of marriage only happen during the early stage of  the relationship.

i wont say it's not true.

But u dont have to agree or abide to it right?

im proud to say even until now me and hubby managed to keep the spark alive. im not only saying on the intimate side but also all sort of aspects.

but dont get me all doesnt come easy just like that .it comes with effort, alternatives, patience, understanding and tolerance.

i calm him down after his long tiring day at work..massage him, make him cold drinks (sometimes ehehe) make him feel confortable at home.

 and him?he will do the same to me. its a 2 way relationship

but marriage is more than just rubbing and massage when ure tired. preparing meals when ure hungry. its more than that.

and now we are the point where something else matter more.

how we survived each other. our flaws and bad side of us.

and how to make the attraction between us become no less when time passes.

i want to be someone who is perfect when im around him.

thats when u need some extra help.

ive heard of this thing call "opposite attracts" or "attracting the opposite sex"

well obviously we are attracted to each other (husband and wife daaaaaa)

but to spice it up a bit will do not harm aitte??

im thinking of changing how my body smells like..

or in another word..a new deodorant.for both of us.

Anarchy For Her Body Spray-for me

Anarchy For Him Deodorant Body Spray.- for him

im telling u its perfect for us. "opposite attracts" theory was successfully proven.

a great addition.

And not to forget mentioning how dying and badly we are in need for our second honeymoon.

we did plan for a beach getaway ..but maybe need to save more money first..

because it ain't gonna be cheap.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Raya 2012 thing i must get my hands on..a new camera!

didnt snap any pic for my raya..i wish i can have like the official "me and husband together  whereby i sit and put my hand on his lap thingy"..waaaaa

i was soo busy this raya didnt get the chance even on my phone camera.Salam mintak maaf di pagi raya pun dalam kereta tauuu..hahah it was soooo funny. Didnt wear my FV baju raya since i knew i would be moving a lot so takut baju tu rosakkk..wahahaha..chiffon la katekannn

My journey started at my parent's house in Pandan Indah then Temerloh, Pahang then Jerteh,Terengganu (we attended my hubby's cousin's wedding which was so near to Pulau Perhentian..i swear i almost forced my hubby to hop on the boat and off to the island hehehe)

and then after Terengganu we went to Kota Bharu,Kelantan..ohh tiring.. lah this raya..but i managed to see almost all of my hubby's family ..the last one was during my wedding. He has such a big family and very meriah..

This is out first year as a husband and meaningful..Went to Terawikh together..Eventho i didnt manage to bake any biscuits for raya or buy him baju raya (he insisted he didnt need a new one as he rarely wear them..) i am grateful we can celebrate it together with both our families.

I hope it is still not to late to wish all of u Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin. jika ada terkasar bahasa tersilap kata..harap dimaafkan..

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Jovian Mandagie Boxing Day

At first i tot of cancelling it..malasssssss nk gerak awal..

but having second tot and i decided to just go and redah..

a fren already waited there from 7.30am cmtu and when i came rase segan nk join die so i beratur la belakang..segan ngn org2 yg dah lame beratur.

but as expected..crowd gile ramai..ade yg dh tunggu seawal 3.30am!

Sebahagian dr crowd..beratus2 org gakla..

i was on the boxing lane sbb mmg nk cube dulu br beli..xmo trus grab sbb takut x fit..

Made new friend..Ziana..all the way from Singapore hokayyy.. bile tgh beratur ade dgr2 bnyk stok dh abis so die kecewa sgt2..

Her waiting number 4F.

Mine 3G..mine all the pics mmg lighting buruksss..

mamat ni tibe2 out of nowhere bg pengumuman stok mane yg tinggal and mane yg dah abis. tp bagus gak..

Ziana made it to the hall first..jeless tauuuuu

But guess what??

I didnt wait until i got inside the hall eventho i was almost near the entrance..

Haisshhh..i was in a rush 

so gave my number to the girl at the counter and left the much its breaking my heart but i couldnt wait anymore..the line were moving soooooo damn sloww.

i promised my mum i would brought her to buy some raya stuff and i cannot be late as she doesnt like waitingg.

as for the boxing days itself..i know they have tried their best but still i found some flaws during the events.

1) the announcement for design & size left was not clear
2) since they were using some number system, ade yg beratur lambat got the chance masuk dulu sbb nombor yg die pegang tu bergerak kesian sape2 yg dtg lg awal yg pegang no means personal shopper yg handle nombor tu lambat buat keje kottt.
3)i tot method boxing day ni u just lepaskan sume org and bg masuk sekali letaklah penjaga kat setiap section..mcm every design and fitting room letak org jage and max no of baju nk xdela tunggu sampai 4-5 jam not knowing what we get. itulah style boxing day kalau kt oversea..standard la kalau ade baju koyak/rosak..itu mmg damage yg die kne expectla.
4) i didnt make it in to the hall so x sure what happened. but we were given a form to fill the design and size mane nk try.but kalau time kite sampai depan and those design tu dah xde kite x bole tukar langsung and abis kt situ jee..sbb dlm form tu limited to 4 designs u get me??or x phm sbb aku pun confius here

i am soooo interested to try Janina P,Jadore B size xde rezeki kott..

So that's my story..queued for almost 4 hours but didnt get myself anything..


Monday, August 13, 2012

Iftar With Some Old Friends

Yesterday i finally got to gather 2 of my ex-housemates / old friends to join me for iftar.

After such a long time of planning and cancelling..yesterday it was.

Some cancelled on us, some couldn't make it,so got another we decided to just proceed with only 3 couples.

We didn't want to go somewhere where it can cost us a bomb. Then we decided Bora Asmara it was.

Actually i was half hearted because  i know the food there didn't really get a good review.

But most of other place either there were too far or already fully booked.

Bora Asmara was located conveniently near to all of hentam sajelah..

Plus konon2 nk ambience cantik and romantikla..buekkkk expected..the food wasn't that nice.

I mean bole-laahhhh..

For RM50 i now why its a bit cheaper than other place.

The selection wasn't that many...and they didn't top up the food so at the end there were not many left to eat.

I remember ade chicken mandy, kambing, roti jala, kuey teow,nasi putih, lauk ayam,sayur2an, ade isi ikan masak stim kot kalau x silap, udang masak lemak (cepat gile abis), mi goreng, daging kicap, rendang daging, cucur udang, kuih muih sket, air berais ade 4 jenis tp rase so-so la.. ade aiskirim tp x rase pun, ABC, teh tarik..

so lebih kurang itu ajelah hidangannya. mcm nk 2nd round tu ok nk 3rd round tu dah xde pe nk tgk dah..

Tapi kire Alhamdullilah bersyukurla dpt jugak kami makan...rezeki dari Allah.

cume kalau orang tnye worth it ke x..hmmm i'd say not it is not.

I can say Istana Bambu or Intai Intai jauh meninggalkan Bora Asmara ni dari segi rasa and food selection..harga pun x jauh beza...ive been to these places so i can compare la..mmg beza.

Nak tunjuk gamba pun xde sbb xde mood nk tangkap gambo apepun..

Gamba ni je buat kenangan...

Itu diaaaaaa aku yg tembam..puasa puasa pun tembam jugakkk..hurrmmppp


Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Brave Little Girl

i was waiting for the elevator and when it opened, a little girl..all by herself was standing there and kept having her eyes on me.


Little girl: "Akak, nk ke mana tu?"

Me: " Nak keluar kejap dik...."

mmm..feeling weird not asking her back and since i wants to be nice...i asked

Me: Adik plak nak pg mane?

Little girl: Nak g the curve

Me: Pg ngn sape? Sorang je ke?

Little girl: aah..jumpe mak kat sane.Nak berbuka kt Marche. mak keje kt sane.

Me: Ehh x takut ke pg sorang2?naik ape?

Little girl: Teksi

Me: X takut ke dik sorang2?

Little girl: akak nk anta kan ke?? :)

Me: errr..

i was like.. "waahh thiis little girl got guts..gile berani main ajak stranger tlg anta die..

but kesian plak dekat budak tu nk pg naik teksi sorang2..

suddenly terpikir psl kes banyak budak2 hilang..

adakah ini antara puncanya..


p/s: anyway me and hub did send the little girl to The Curve.

Friday, August 03, 2012

The Box & The Parcel

Arrived safely..

Sampai satu kotak?hamek kauuuuuu..

Actually recently i purchased online quite a lot. My favourite website is ASOS & MANGO..

memang gile dibuatnye..

Oh Dila..pls pls pls stop to shop okay?

(thats my hubby ckp sambil tepuk dahi..)