Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tea Party With Pandora

Tea Party it is..

 Yesterday my ex-colleague Ms. Alia invited me to join her to Pandora Tea Party at Plaza 1 Mont Kiara.

I am not really a big fan of accessories especially bracelet as u can see i rarely wear one. But Ms. Alia is. So i guess no harm in looking around who knows i might find something that caught my eyes.

I was a bit late that when i arrived she already bought a charm for her bracelet as an additional to her existing one that she got for her birthday.

Her new charm is the purple color! Nice huhh?

bracelet pics thanks to Ms. Alia 

Didn't get any photos from the event tho since it was a quick one. And also i was so busy looking at their new collection that i forgot.hehehee..They did serve refreshment..drinks like coffee and Boost juice..cakes and some kuehhs...quite nice.

I tried no to wear my new peplum top but it was so comfy i couldnt resist! Here i was wearing Cotton On white color peplum top, black flowy skirt, maroon balerinna shoes,tan colored handbag and coral necklace.

 Till then..