Monday, July 02, 2012

Of Handbouquet..

Sometimes i can be conventional.

When i was deciding for my handbouquet..i would like to stick with fresh flower.and nothing else.

and i specifically wanted Peonies for my handbouquet...arent they gorgeous??especially time die nk bloom tu mashaAllah rase mcm nk gigit2 hahahaha..

i already had in mind what its gonna looked like..

from here

from here

from here

from here

from here

Eh eh selingan kejap..i saw this photo here and i thought what a wonderful pose for your wedding shoes..i wished i did some cool one with my MB shoes.

ok sambung...

But too bad Shayra my handbouquet maker told me it was not the season for peonies during my wedding (end of October)..being me i still asked her to tried however mmg xde rezeki. So no peonies for me :(

However she came out with this lovely piece for me..

Its made of White Eustoma + Blue Hydrangea + White Carnations 

Selain fresh flowers..sekarang ni dah mcm2 adaaa..button handbouquet, dip flower handbouquet, brooch handbouquet, etc...

However, since lately its all about wedding i did go through some wedding websites and Etsy is one of my favourite.

There i saw these wonderful handbouquet....which are not fresh!!hahaha..i felt in love instantly..

hand made vintage fabric wedding bride's bouquet, silk, satin, antique net and feather

Something blue bouquet, Weddings, Bridal bouquet, Brides, Fabric flower bouquet, Cotton magnolias

And some other design which caught my eyes!

But i tell u the price..wallaweiiii...lagi2 in GBP..heheh..amek idea buat inspirasi sudah la yee..

Hopefully ade la yang akan terinspired nnti..heheh



oshinz said...

cantik!!!!! melting tengok kasut sis. hehehe.

DalilaMian said...

oshinz: mekacehhh..hihi

Zila Zainal said...

Cantik sangat!

Btw, you've been followed! :D