Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Off The Chest

This past few days has been a mixture of everything..

happy, excited, tired, and the most recent..gloomy + dissapointment.

Sometimes it hard to please everyone. Bak kata Siti Nurhaliza tuhh.."Susah nk puaskan hati semua orang"..:)

So if it still not up to their expectation..there's nothing more i can do.

I tot i have tried my best. But it turned out not good enough. Not even close.

I am just normal human being. I make mistakes. I learnt from them (hope so :p)

What happened made me realized that it is hard for you to be happy with your life if you do not know how to be grateful for what you have.

Learn to appreciate what you have..not to blame everyone around you for what you didnt have.

Some people, the more you do kindness to them, the more they expect from u. They keep wanting more..

So if it is up to that stage..its hard for me to be sincere anymore. its no longer there.

Well, no point dwelling about it..life has to go on.

A wise guy told me once that..

" Jika dalam hidup ini kita mengharapkan redha dari manusia, we will never get it, because human will never be satisfied, tp jika kita hidup untuk mengharapkan redha dari Allah, kita akan sentiasa mendapatkan keredhaa-Nya..kerana Dia lagi Maha Mengetahui. & Maha Mengasihi"

I swear that's true.



NoorNazuha said...

hard to say.....thats why its so important to be grateful...compared ngan org lain yg nak makan pun susah.....:(

Guide me through.. said...

what's wrong eh?
something is bothering you? mind to share?
i know u're strong girl. And normally you would go "dila tak kesah, lantak laa orang nk ckp ape"
Well dear friend, u're right about that!
If anyone hates u because u're happy with ur life then u stick ur middle finger in the air n say, "screw it!"