Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Loving The Peplum

My catch of the day..

Ignore the gelembungs on my stomach..thats actually my inside dress i was so lazy to bukak

Loving the peplum top sooooooooo much..too many colors to choose from that i had a hard time to make decision.

The one in the photo above is black color with small white polka dot.

But i ended up not buying that color, eventho i actually quite like it. I walked out of the shop with plain white and minty green.

Now im thiniking of the black with white dots..haiisshhhhh

Its okay its okay....if in 3 days i still cant get it out of my head, then we'll see each other again..:p

Gotta find something to wear for an event tomorrow. Habis satu almari kene kombah lagi nihhh.



dieya said...

that's such a cute dress! looks vintage.. saloma-ish with a modern twist

DalilaMian said...

dieya:cute kannnn...harga pun reasonable and i sgt suke sbb blh cover perut yg bunc niii hehehe

O'gosh said...

kat mana u beli this peplum ye...super like!

DalilaMian said...

ogosh: dekat cotton on pavi dear..mase beli tu ade promo beli due for rm75..ade mcm2 kaler..putih,hitam,polka dot,pink,hijau,maroon..mcm2la