Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How You Define A Friend

Hidup ni mestilah berkawan kan?

Kalau xde kwn tu mcm pelikla plak..cannot imagine my life without one.

Hidup ni mcm2 jenis kwn adaaa...

good fren? besfren? old frens? bff?

Ape beza semua2 itewwww?

Lately i have been asking myself.....

Who is your best friend?Name a few..or at least one..

And took me a while to think...

Camno tuh?aku rasa aku ramai skrg ni mcm xde la pulokkk

Mcmane nk define bestfren tu ek??

friend who never lie to u?friend who always be there for u?friend who never fail to help u?

friend  who prays a doa for you? friend who will lead u to good path? a fren who is honest to u?

friend who will go extra miles to make u happy? friend who wont forget u at times of their happiness?

friend who can commit to their promises to u? someone who always make u smile? friend who you have known for a looooooong time?

All of the above?or 1 is enough?

Someone told me " kalau x mengata sesama sendiri tu, bukan bestfren namenye"..

huhhh? so kene mengata la baru kire kwn ek?pelikkkksss

i had my share of all these issues when it comes to friends..

I admit that nobody's perfect...

Sometimes isu antara kawan2 ni mmg confirm akan ade..itu mcm lumrah..

i have fren who forgot about u after certain time.a fren who talk at my back...a fren who gv empty promises...a fren who only be good to u for a reason..

a fren who didnt really care during my big day..

that.. actually..hurt me..since im the kind of person who appreciate frens..i really do..because i still remember some of them who were with me back then when i had my personal problems..

oohh..tidak bermaksud utk mengungkit..apatah lg utk mengata my frens..lagi2 bende tu dah lama..actually dh lupekan pun..and i dont mention any names..:)

and i do hv frens yg selamba rock and baik2 je..

cume i think i owe myself this entry...

to remind myself to always appreciate & cherish my they wont feel the way i did..



sedutzone said...

kawan-kawan takmo lawan,
kawan-kawan takmo kawen... ahakz...