Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Can Anyone Share About Mas Kiara Condo?

Yeahh yeahh..

actually i dont wanna tell anything yet about my house search.

Sbb still dlm planning and pengumpulan duit hehehe.

But i couldnt resist this condo. When my hubby first showed it to me,i instantly felt in love!

Cantik kan???

OK! The pool, the barbeque area, the lush greenery view and the fact that its still not crowded with other development (not yet!) so there is privacy!x mcm damansara perdana (where i live now)

I went into one of the unit with an agent, i really love the built in for the 1200++ sqft one!

it has a large area for kitchen and i really like the layout of the house. just the way i want it. Bilik tido die tak letak depan2 living room, there is a lorong to go inside those 3 bedrooms tu so x pyh risau org kt living room blh nampak bilik kite..i like!!!

Can already picture my dream kitchen with island and such! (mode berangan..see the bubbles?)


Ade but..

Ade cerita x sedap sket psl condo ni..

eh bukan cite hantu ke ape..

cume soal management and developer die.

and some of their fishy stories.

For those who doesnt know, this condo actually dah dibina lame..about 10-15 years go.

but di dalam tgh2 pembinaan, something happened ngn developer die (fraud or kes tipu and lari or something) so the project was left abundant.

but only this past 1-2 years ade developer baru amik alih..and siapkan..

but until smpai sekarang even dah siap..i notice only 1-2 tenants saje yg dh pindah masuk sbb dgr crite ramai x dpt kunci lagi..

i was like..huhh??gile lamaaaaaaa

So i really appreciate if ade sape2 yg ade pengalaman or tau psl condo ni kindly share with me..

im not planning to buy now pun..still mengumpul material hehehe..

until then..


p/s: pics from google, property selling websites..


Zila Zainal said...

kat mana ni dear?

MyNewJourney said...

zila:ehhh..punye sronok cite smpai tlupe tulis lokasi condo ni..die dekat border ttdi dmansara and sg penchala

Renee Meow said...

oo this one yg kat hujung ttdi tu.. yg dekat ngan restaurant puteri tu.. dah siap eh?? mcm interested...do u know rental rate dia brape dear?

MyNewJourney said...

renee:dh ade org duduk pun cume sorang due je la..xau knp.nk sewa ke?hari tu tnye2 harga dlm rm2000 - rm2500 cmtula..

Anonymous said...

kunci xdpt atau xde org nk ddk situ..? lme sngt terbengkalai..hantu dh beranak-pinak...huuuuuuuu~~

Anonymous said...

Salam. I'm staying here at maskiara. Currently, occupancy is around 10-15%. Ramai yg tak masuk lagi sebab gas supply pun belum ada lagi. And also ramai juga yang in the process of selling, renting out & renovating

MyNewJourney said...

Anon:u stay situ ke?ooohh good..so far how is it?btul ke they say penthouse tu belong to sultan kedah?

Anonymous said...

Yup, i stay sini. So far alhamdulillah. Nice and quiet. Location plg strategic. Yup, buildings are owned by Sultan kedah/agung sekarang. Once in a while, dia datang la dgn escorts

MyNewJourney said...

Ohhh cik/en anon..blh x kite btukar email I nk tnye sket psl mas kiara ni..plssssss....email I dalilamian@yahoo.com