Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What I Won From FV

Fiona Top from INNAI! and its in mint! Err..actually its a bit darker than mint..but nevertheless.. im so happy! Can be worn with palazzo or simple skirt. Perfect for my Raya..hehehe

Once again..thank u FV for having such a cool contest and letting me won.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Jovian -Ready To Wear

Actually i just saw this..

Lepas Rizalman, Jovian pula  mengeluarkan affordable clothing line for raya..cume designnnya jauh lg banyk choices  and honestly..lg cantik..

Untuk online u can purchase them from Zalora but from what i heard banyak dah sold out and servis Zalora ni mcm x berapa bagus. tp tonight (30 Julai 2012) dorang akan restock lg design baru..

Untuk yg nk tgk sndiri silalah pg ke Butik First Lady  in :

  • Jalan Tar Lot 132, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, 50100, Kuala Lumpur, 

  • First Lady Plaza Alam Sentral (SHAH ALAM) : Lot 2.12 - 2.13 Jalan Majlis, Seksyen 14 40000, Shah Alam, 

  • First Lady TESCO (MELAKA) : Lot 52, Jalan Tun Razak 75399, Peringgit, Melaka, 

  • First Lady TESCO SG 2 (PULAU PINANG) : Lease 3, Ground Floor No. 657, Jalan Sungai Dua 11700 Sg Dua, Pulau Pinang, 

  • First Lady Danga City Mall (JOHOR BAHRU) : L1 - 13A, 15, 16, 17, Danga City Mall, Jalan Tun Abdul Razak 80000, Johor Bahru

antara faveret..

Homaigodddd!! gile aku dibuatnyee..

anyway..am i going to buy one?Insyaallah juka ada rezeki.. hehehe


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wedding Review-My Dais & Flower's Vendor

Dais by Kerja Kahwin. She also did supply me with flower arrangement for my engagement. Such a easy to work with i chose them again for my solemnization.

Our discussion was done a 1 month ++ before the event. I went to their house in Bandar Sri Damansara and it turn out that they are husband & wife who is doing this fulltime..i think..i didnt ask..hehehe.

You know what is my inspiration for my solemnization dais? Here..

 pic is from google


Boleehhhh la kan...

My handbouquet, hantaran deco & centerpiece pun from KK. Temanya ungu, olive green and white.

Why white?x tenggelam ke nnti?

Bagi sy tidak.

Kaler putih utk nikah sgt classic and suci.

Rase pas majlis nk tido je kat pelamin tu..hikhikk..bunga bulat kat belakang tu jd bantal....:)

My handbouquet is made of light purple hydrangea + white & purple roses. X ingat kalau ade bunga lain..al maklumlahh..dah lameeee majlisnyeee..skrg br nk update.

Itu cerita nikah, utk reception Duchess Place yg buatkan pelamin since im so malas to fikir nk amek vendor lain. Plus DP kenakan sdikit charges kalau amek vendor luar :(

Thats all for my dais story. Regarding Kerja Kahwin, was i happy working with them?


They were very profesional, but kurang friendly sket..memang xde gurau2 la mase dicussion..hehehe.and harga pun mcm dah naik bnyk from the last time i pakai die.

and actually the nikah dais i showed her the inspiration dais and i expect kat part backdrop langsir putih tu die akan buat jugak drape but xde..just langsir lurus je.also my hantaran i informed her the flowers mmg nk purple (i showed her pictures form her own work) and ade elemen hijau sket..tp it turned out the color of the purple is to light so bunga jadi x brape menyerlah dekat hantaran tu.

For Duchess Place plak i agak puji pelamin die walaupun bunga tipu hokayyy..cume dorang selalu xde masa nk bincang psl dais and flower deco..i managed to discuss a few days before my reception. Cume i rase patutnye dais tu dh masuk skali ngn pakej..sbb bukan bunga betul..pakai yg mmg dorang dh ade. ini die kire lain..

So itu jelah from my honest comment.

Pengajarannya if anda mmg seorang yg particular, make sure ur vendor understand all the little details that u want.

Tp Alhamdulillah..bukannye x bersyukur tp yg penting majlis..jalannnnn..


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hair Cut Anyone?

This is me back in 2003 or 2004 kalau x silap..Rambut pendek..

Rase rimas dah rambut panjang..

Should i cut??


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Can Anyone Share About Mas Kiara Condo?

Yeahh yeahh..

actually i dont wanna tell anything yet about my house search.

Sbb still dlm planning and pengumpulan duit hehehe.

But i couldnt resist this condo. When my hubby first showed it to me,i instantly felt in love!

Cantik kan???

OK! The pool, the barbeque area, the lush greenery view and the fact that its still not crowded with other development (not yet!) so there is privacy!x mcm damansara perdana (where i live now)

I went into one of the unit with an agent, i really love the built in for the 1200++ sqft one!

it has a large area for kitchen and i really like the layout of the house. just the way i want it. Bilik tido die tak letak depan2 living room, there is a lorong to go inside those 3 bedrooms tu so x pyh risau org kt living room blh nampak bilik kite..i like!!!

Can already picture my dream kitchen with island and such! (mode berangan..see the bubbles?)


Ade but..

Ade cerita x sedap sket psl condo ni..

eh bukan cite hantu ke ape..

cume soal management and developer die.

and some of their fishy stories.

For those who doesnt know, this condo actually dah dibina lame..about 10-15 years go.

but di dalam tgh2 pembinaan, something happened ngn developer die (fraud or kes tipu and lari or something) so the project was left abundant.

but only this past 1-2 years ade developer baru amik alih..and siapkan..

but until smpai sekarang even dah siap..i notice only 1-2 tenants saje yg dh pindah masuk sbb dgr crite ramai x dpt kunci lagi..

i was like..huhh??gile lamaaaaaaa

So i really appreciate if ade sape2 yg ade pengalaman or tau psl condo ni kindly share with me..

im not planning to buy now pun..still mengumpul material hehehe..

until then..


p/s: pics from google, property selling websites..

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rizalman 's For Sale (Correction)

Ohhh my..made a mistake..i wrote the wrong name and email address for this post....

below is the corrected one..

soooo sorry yaaa hidayah & anis..got confused..:(


Bajunye ye... Bukan orgnye..

my dear reader sis Anis has 2 pieces that she wants to let go.Design yg ini:

Ade saiz S dan M..

So sape-sape yg interested blh email straight to her:



Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tq So Much Fashionvalet

it is such an unexpected..

Fashionvalet was having this "Dress Me Up, FASHIONVALET! miniseries giveaway.. You just need to watch the video on youtube and answer a very simple question. Everybody got it right. Maybe it was really my luck to have win the judges's heart..:p

I only answer the question a few hours before it was closed (it was closed today!). i just purely wanna try my luck. HONESTLY did not think i could win because i never have this luck when it come to things like this such as lucky draw, contest and such.

The question was: 

Question: What did Asma' say was important to have for work?
Answer: Classic White Shirt
What i want in Fashionvalet: INNAI Fiona Top in Mint.Havent get anything for Raya yet thus this will be the perfect gift for me.. TQ

The prize is you get to choose WHATEVER you desire in Fashionvalet website. I mean like..anything??but since i never thot i'd win i just simply choose anything that i saw first in the website.

I was in the dentist clinic to do my scaling when i received the email from FV. it really did cheer me up. I guess i dont hv to think about my baju raya anymore..hehehe

What did i win?

Ill update once i receive it from them..



Friday, July 20, 2012

Selamat Datang Wahai Ramadhan

Its here again..

it feels like time moves super fast rase mcm baru je puasa tup tup dah datang another year to Ramadhan..

But what makes it sgt bermakna, this year fist time sambut with hubby.

Ohh terharuuuuu..

Macam2 niat puasa tahun ni..

Nak puasa sungguh2 (aikkk sebelum ni x bersungguh ke?:p)

Harap sgt2 dpt puasa penuh (mmm rasenye impossbile sbb my period mmg fixed..ape pun Alhamdulillah)

Nak memperbanyakkan solat terawikh (teringat zaman2 blajo dulu time awal2 puasa je semangat, pastu dah tengah2 puasa..layuuuuuuuuuuuu)

Nak memperbanyakkan baca Al-Quran (niat di hati nk qatam di bulan Ramadhan tp...)

Nak masak for bbuka (yg ni susah sket bcos my hubby dh bgtau awal2 die nk diet Herbalife sempena di bulan puasa..erkkk xkan aku nk masak utk aku mkn sorang kot?)

Lailatul Qadar?ohhhh sememangnya impian sejak dulu..semoga tahun ini berjaya.

Ape lg ek?itu je kot buat masa nih.

Baju raya blom buat/beli..mcm xde mood sgt lg..pakai je baju yg ade kot..

kalau ade rezeki baju yg dh siap and lawaaaa..baru beli.

eh pilihanraya bile ek?haha kan dah lari topik..aku daftar pun blom.malu plakkk

anyway..semoga menyambut bulan yg mulia ini dengan penuh kegembiraan dan keinsafan.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lazy Bum

Enough with the emo-emo post..im hungryyy

Below is what happen when "only nugget in the fridge and i'm lazy" mode is on.

Makan dengan roti.



Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Off The Chest

This past few days has been a mixture of everything..

happy, excited, tired, and the most recent..gloomy + dissapointment.

Sometimes it hard to please everyone. Bak kata Siti Nurhaliza tuhh.."Susah nk puaskan hati semua orang"..:)

So if it still not up to their expectation..there's nothing more i can do.

I tot i have tried my best. But it turned out not good enough. Not even close.

I am just normal human being. I make mistakes. I learnt from them (hope so :p)

What happened made me realized that it is hard for you to be happy with your life if you do not know how to be grateful for what you have.

Learn to appreciate what you have..not to blame everyone around you for what you didnt have.

Some people, the more you do kindness to them, the more they expect from u. They keep wanting more..

So if it is up to that stage..its hard for me to be sincere anymore. its no longer there.

Well, no point dwelling about it..life has to go on.

A wise guy told me once that..

" Jika dalam hidup ini kita mengharapkan redha dari manusia, we will never get it, because human will never be satisfied, tp jika kita hidup untuk mengharapkan redha dari Allah, kita akan sentiasa mendapatkan keredhaa-Nya..kerana Dia lagi Maha Mengetahui. & Maha Mengasihi"

I swear that's true.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Cool Styles

Feast ur eyes with more cool styles..color blocking, classic black & white..cool flats & stripes!

p/s:all pics from here