Sunday, June 10, 2012

Of Maid Issue

Yesterday i went to my parents house whereby my lil sister is also staying with her baby boy.

Her job as a doctor really challenge her responsible as a mother to her 3++ months baby. That lil boy was tough!

My lil sis has been trying to find a maid/babysitter that can actually stay with her and help to take care of the baby. But until now,no avail.

i also did asked around from friends to get their opinions and advice on this matter. I mean where can we find one, how much does it cost bla bla bla..but it seems that they are facing the same problemm..fuuhhhh..i have a fren who has been waiting for her maid for almost 1 year! i mean..really??

 So some of them has no other way than leaving their babies to either daycare or their parents.

Well..i have this thing whereby i try my best not to burden my parents anymore.They have been taking care of us since we were little right? At this age, they should actually relax, and only play with their grandchildren..not to fully have to take care of them.

im not saying my sis is burdening my parents now. i know she is out of alternatives already. its just that it saddened me when i saw my mother couldn't even rest properly and sometimes could not even get her sleep if that lil boy is being cranky at night if my sis has to go oncall on certain days and the babycare is closed.

all of these scenarios really taught me a lesson to be more careful of planning my life and my future so that in the end the last thing i want is that it will affect my family who has been there for me all these while.

p/s: if any of you has an idea where to get a maid quickly, kindly let me know.



Nur Hidayah Amir said...

insyaallah hang tak macam tu kot. Hang bukan kerja malam2 pon kan.