Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Wedding Dress Review-Nikah

If you read my post on my engagement, you will know that i have decided to have Unaisah Azlan as my dressmaker/designer.

So we started discussing around June kot kalau x silap and by July 2011 i received this sketch..

Ini untuk baju nikah..

i only mentioned to Unaisah that i want a kurung moden with flowy skirt and some laces with beading. So the sketch shows various of design and emphasize on the lace.

So which design that i chose? 2nd from right..

I bought all of my material myself. The chiffon, the lining and the laces also. But Unaisah did help to buy additional 2m of chiffon since x cukup. So total of material bought was 9m of silk chiffon, 6m lining and around 3m of beaded lace.

About the veil plak just a simple half moon shaped with beaded lace on the edge.

So inilah result bajunye:

Keadaan baju tu skrg..

Dok aje kt timbunan baju2 ku yg lain

Next is my reception dress..

Here's the sketch.

Which design i chose? 3rd from left (or right)

The difference is that i would like to add some more element on my dress. Pleats..i love pleats..

below are my reference:

So ini hasilnye:

For reception also i bought all the material myself. 7m silk chiffon, 6m lining and 2m of Alencon Lace.

Alencon Lace

My baju nowww..

That's it for my wedding dress review. As for Unaisah she is a very lovely and friendly lady. Easy to work with and open to suggestion.

For both of the dresses workmanship she charged me RM2200..ok la kan? 

So far blm lg rent out kan mane2 of this dresses but if ada yg berminat just shoot me an email k? (

p/s: pics from various sources; google, qippy's blog and personal collection



oshinz said...

tinggi akak berapa?

DalilaMian said...

oshinz:hehe malula plak nk bgtau tinggi. dah lame x ukur tp dalam 154cm camtula..pendek aje i ni..hehe

Rina Hamid said...

so beautiful..lace tu mmg sgt2 sukeee..

Sumayyah Nadhirah said...

canteknye i chubby takut xmuat =(

DalilaMian said...

rina:tq dear!
sumayyah:hehehe.chubby kee?xlahhhh

missMajo said...

mane u beli ur lace yek... sgt cntik... ;)

I added cool smileys to this message... if you don't see them go to:

DalilaMian said...

missmajo:hehe..silala email sayeee