Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Honeymoon in Paris & Venice (Part 3)

Hmm where was i ..hmm oh yess.

After Venice..

Sedih nak meninggalkan bumi Venice and menysal plak sbb pg sekejap je..ni lah padahnye mdgr cakap2 org kata Venice ni bandar yg sgt bosan..konon kata sehari je cukup sbb Venice has nothing to offer.

Buuuttttttt..if only we culd stay for 1 more day..it's such a BEAUTIFUL city hokayyy..

Sedih tau sebenarnye niii..bye bye Venice!

Soo..back in Paris..we were going to spend another 4 days here so dah plan mcm2.. like take the red bus tour..go to the Eiffel (again)..go the the Louvre to watch Monalisa (a must since i didnt get the chance to do it last time) ..nk beli tshirt kt Hard Rock Cafe Paris plak..etc etc

But ade story sket when we just arrived from Venice..actually im supposed to plan our route and transportation from Orly Airport to our hotel in Paris. The flight touched down at 10pm and we did not really have much time sbb takut the buses or trains have stop operating.

what happened was, the moment we touched down at about 10.15pm..i realized i didnt do any homework on how to get to our hotel..and it was getting late..

See... on the map, my hotel was located at Pasteur station and i was from Orly airport. i tried to purchased a train ticket (Antony line) but somehow the machine tu mmg pelik..rupenye die x accept cash.. only credit card and something like travel pass only..mase tu sumpah rase blur yang teramat. and everybody else was rushing to go back also..

mase tu jugakla baru nk bukak interrnet cari jalan cmne nk ke hotel..mmg bengap tahap gabanla..i think my hubby was bengang a bit because he trusted me with the planning and everything. tp die relax jeee x mara huhuhu

nasib baik jugakla at that time ade sorang hamba Allah ni nampak and terus tnye whether we need her help.
luckily we are heading to the same line (line hijau muda)..so die ajar beli tiket bas heading to Denfert Rochereau..kat situ br amek tiket train to go to Pasteur station.we were on the last bus trip..fuhhh

We managed to chat a bit and her name is Huda..she is actually from Tunisia working as a lawyer in Paris..patutle muke ade sket2 mcm middle east.rupenye mmg ramai Tunisian yg blh ckp French and keje di France because of language advantage.She travels from Tunisia and Paris back an forth once a fortnight and it is a common thing there..i was like "wowww...bunyik mcm dari kl ke melaka je kan?

she was soooo nice and kind smpaikan dari bus ke train pun die tlg2 angkat kan beg sbb nk cepat..she said the train pun dah nk stop operating so we gotta be fast...before we separated (because she headed to different direction) we tried to exchange phone number but i lost it..damnnnnnnn..

so thats the story for the night. ade savior came to rescue us..

the next day we went city tour!

to the Louvre we went!


Siyes besar gileee muzium die..siap ade 4 bahagian lg..x dpt abiskan sume penatt laaa..im not really a fan of art museum but Louvre was awesome!

tu diaaaaa..Makcik Mona kat belakang....huhu..finally dpt gak tgk the original copy of the masterpiece

Had our lunch at one of the Lebanese restaurant..

For him..beef kebab

For me.. fish and chip + rice

At the front of hard Rock Cafe..beli tshirt for souvenir..

Belakang to restaurant flams..my faveret pizza restaurant back in msia..ade satu outlet kt Changkat Bukit Bintang. Mushroom pizza die sedappppppp sangatttt

Second day we went to Eiffel but did not snap any pics sbb sejuk bangat..but manage to see Eiffel at night from the train and it was breathtaking!

Lunch kat restaurant Malaysia Holiday Villa..satu2 yg kami jmpe kt Paris...susah gile nk jmpe mkanan melayu sini..x mcm kt London.

Nasi goreng for him

Sweet sour fish for me..

And actually order Char Kuew Teoy sbb still lapa..hehehe..

Went to Galeries Lafayette and Printemps and bought some Longchamps since got order from frens..also some foods mcm bread and cookies..ingt nk try Laduree macaroons tp ramai gile yg beratur and mcm malas so i passed..

The third day..wat ape ek..lupe plak..tu la lmbt sgt update blog trus lupe..hmmm..jalan kaki sampai nk patah round2 bandar paris jeee..gamba pun susah nk tangkap sbb sejuk sgt..the weather was about -6 to -9C..hahaha..i did not regret going there during winter because its a new experience to me..kebas pun kebas la hahaha..

i went back to Printemps sbb nk beli Longchamps lagi..ade order hehe..and also to H&M whereby i purchased a trench coat for my mum..refer here for the story of the coat.Anyway my hubby went to Singapore but x dpt tukar since they are out of stock.

The last night our dinner we bought at next door punye pizza...run by some Lebanese or Algerians guy..boleh tahan piza die..

so thats it..i might have left some details sbb bnyk dh lupe and gamba pun tak sempat nk snap banyk2..tp itulah die..my honeymoon..hehe (bukan hornymoon) yee..

had a great time with hubby and so gratefull sbb manage to go honeymoon gak eventho dlm busy2 keje..

Paris & Venice..exactly what i planned even before i got married..

so akan adakah plan utk second honeymoon??heheheh tungguuuuu



Guide me through.. said...

Bestnye hang dapat pi PARIS..
Tempat idaman kalbu ku nk honeymoon kat sane.
Tapi rasenye tak tercapai kot.
Tapelah, cukup sekadar menatap gambar2 hang pon dah cukup.
Sob2. *ayat sedih*