Monday, June 25, 2012

The Bridal Shower (Vivy Yusof)

Oh no wasn't there (eventho i hope i was! :p)

I was browsing thru my FB page and saw this update from FashionValet.. Its the pic of the founder Vivy Yusof's bridal shower ..

isnt it LOVELYY??!!the deco and everything.

I do read her blog and admit i like her sense of fashion and style.

Everything about her is just so..chic and versatile..and yet so sopan. in another word i adore her.

She is getting married this weekend and i bet she is very busy with the preparation and all.

How i wonder how her wedding dress gonna look like, the venue,her MUA, etc etc..

ok stop Dila there u go again..

i better stops here and get my shower.



p/s: photo from here