Monday, June 25, 2012

Another Wedding Attended

Lats night my mother invited me and hubby to a wedding of our former neighbour who is now residing in Taman Prima Saujana Kajang..

See used to be closed with my mum and when my mum received the invitation, she made sure all of us are coming too. Being a wedding lover like me..i understand her.. :p

its quite a big wedding with 10 transparent canopy with fairy lights and 1000++ guests. i think they hired a celebrities to host and sing for the wedding but i could not see who was it.

Cake cutting ceremony

the doorgifts

the couple montage


The dais..sweet

i love fresh flowers..

Me wearing another nude color caftan from chiffon comfy

looking at people's wedding....cannot help to think about my own..almost 8 months have passed..

and now looking forward for my fren's wedding ..cepat cepat..who's turn is it now??