Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Share The Softness!

Last month was an exciting month when i received an invitation to join this campaign by Kleenex.

Kindly they even couriered me these 2 boxes of tissue for me to personally experience their product.

And also some cute sticky candy!! My brother love this !! So happy when i gave it to him.Now ain't im sharing?

Honestly Kleenex is already my favourite brand of tissue because of their quality since it made only by high quality cellulose fibers.

I like it because it is ticker and manage to absorb more..Its like towel! Not to forget it is made from biodegradable cellulose fibers too.

So here's your chance to share this with your loved ones!

You can go to Kleenex Website and just fill up this form to do so.

Sharing is Caring!

p/s: Crying while watching this..nasib baik ade tissue Kleenex..waaaaaaa