Thursday, May 31, 2012

The End of "the" Journey

Don't know how to write this..

but this is it..

the end has is my final sad sobb sobbb

don't know if its the right or wrong thing to do..but i still gotta do it.

been thinking and i think hard.. Allah knows best..

Pray for my happiness and dimurahkan rezeki..

right now all i can do is pray for the best.




nurhidayahamir said...

Insyallah murah rezeki di hari2 akan datang. Amiiinnn

misha.w said...

ko keja mana pulak pasni?

DalilaMian said...

sha: aku membesarkan bontot kt umah..hahaha..xdelah tlg2 nik aje dulu..pastu br pikir mcm nk buat bisnis lah

misha.w said...

ohh ok. bisnes pon ok,kalau dah berbisnes nnti updet lah.