Thursday, May 31, 2012

The End of "the" Journey

Don't know how to write this..

but this is it..

the end has is my final sad sobb sobbb

don't know if its the right or wrong thing to do..but i still gotta do it.

been thinking and i think hard.. Allah knows best..

Pray for my happiness and dimurahkan rezeki..

right now all i can do is pray for the best.



Saturday, May 26, 2012


Tibe-tibe terasa macam nk kawen lagi..boleh x? nk buat baju nikah lain, baju reception lain..pelamin lain.mekap lain..hik hii..not that i didnt like them saje je mengada2 nk rasa all the experience.

missed all that..

xpelah..tlg org buat rpeparation pun dah cukup best dah..hv quite a handful in line..


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Share The Softness!

Last month was an exciting month when i received an invitation to join this campaign by Kleenex.

Kindly they even couriered me these 2 boxes of tissue for me to personally experience their product.

And also some cute sticky candy!! My brother love this !! So happy when i gave it to him.Now ain't im sharing?

Honestly Kleenex is already my favourite brand of tissue because of their quality since it made only by high quality cellulose fibers.

I like it because it is ticker and manage to absorb more..Its like towel! Not to forget it is made from biodegradable cellulose fibers too.

So here's your chance to share this with your loved ones!

You can go to Kleenex Website and just fill up this form to do so.

Sharing is Caring!

p/s: Crying while watching this..nasib baik ade tissue Kleenex..waaaaaaa


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Skirt Mania

Nowadays ramai yang pakai style skirt panjang tu aku tgk..comeyyyyy

xnk ketinggalan lah..kene cube gak

hehe padahal mmg kene cube sbb semua seluar dah x muat hahahah

annnnnnddd i think i'm starting to like it..

so skrg aim adalah kene kumpul skirt bnyk2 selagi blom kurus!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Crepe Cake

i  now am sooooo into crepe cake..

the other day dah kemaruk sgt ku paksa jugak suamiku bw g Pavillion pg cari.

i asked my ofismate since she was the one who told me ade crepe cake kat Pavi..

Carik2 akhirnya jumpe jugak..

Arthur's Hokkaido Mille Crepe Cake.

Located at 6th Floor dekat Tokyo Street..depan2 je entrance dah boleh jumpe.

i chose Original & Hazelnut flavor..yum yummm

My husband prefer the hazelnut more..i love the original.

Harga agak berbeza2 ikut jenis..sepotong ranging from RM9.50 cmtu up until RM10.50 kalau x silap.

Selamat mancuba!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Getting Ready!

Its my sis in law reception today..

And i'm off to go!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

It Has Arrived!

Remember this post??

Waiting patiently for the parcel to arrive..waited almost 2 weeks and here it is!

Segar dari ladang! sampai kt opis so ofismate pun sebok tgk gak hikhik..

cant wait to try them!


Wednesday, May 02, 2012

New Purchase from ASOS

 Checkout my new purchase from ASOS!

 Tapi all the tops kat atas ni sume harga yang terbaek lah!murah gile!Xde yang lebih 20pound hikhik..

Suke sgt because they ship worldwide for FREE!

Tak percaya?? klik sini.

Nampaknye mood shopping sudah kembali.. bolehla start to replace my current wardrobe.. some of my old stuff nak di clearkan di sini.

Harap-harap aku rajin la nk kombah balik sume brg2 lame.Sume still elok cume dah x pakai..

Till then..


Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Dinner at Subak

Few nights ago decided to treat my husband something special since dah lame tak makan kt luar.

actually we have been eyeing this restaurant for quiet long time tp asyik tangguh je sbb duit dan masanya non ado..

Dari luar dah cantik and mood tu dah ade..

Located in Bukit Lanjan  near Sg Penchala camtula..

Muke tak sabo

Muke happy org belanja hahaha..

But what mesmerized me the most is the ambience..gile hutan habiss..but sgt cantik ok..romatik gile babeng lahh...

kinda reminded me of Mandi-Mandi, Ampang when we went there last year..

Actually chef yg bertanggubjawab utk restaurant ni is Chef Hassan and ade portfolio die dalam menu said that dulu pnh work in Avilion Port Dickson and also Hilton ..being the only Malay ever appointed as Executive Chef in Hilton chain..such a impressive background..


I swear kalau nk buat twiligh wedding boleh kan kt sini???huhuuh.. inspired betul!

What we had..mushroom soup for the appetizer..sori gamba time dah nk separuh melantak br nk tangkap gamba sup..sup a bit tawar and cair..

My husband had Salmon Honey Steak..he likes it..the sauce was nice he said..

And me being a penggemar olio sejati memang x lepas peluang nak rasa sedap ke x die buat..i had Seafood Aglio Olio. Sedap mcm taraf hotel ok!suke the tesktur yg moist of die punye olive oil yg just nice and x basah..cume seafood die x ramailah..ciput jeee..3 ketul mussels and 2 ketul udang..nasib baik sedap!

And for drinks i had passion fruit smoothies and it was refreshing! My husband's  milk shake strawberry..tak sempat tangkap gamba dah licin!haus!

Ini lebih kurang harga2 makanan kami:

Mushroom Soup=RM12.00
Salmon Honey Steak =RM53.00
Seafood Aglio Olio=RM30.00
Passion Fruit Smoothies=RM12.00
Strawberry Milk Shake=RM12.00

Sekian review dari saya..terima kasih..

if sape nk cube just go and check out their website: