Friday, April 13, 2012

The One Who Got Married & Will Be...

Weddings is still in the air..


Actually i have attended a lot of weddings before tp sbb takde gamba best so malas nk post... But below are some of the pics of my frens that i went to their engagement  and also their weddings..

Miss Nona..during her engagement..


and her wedding..last February..

And Miss Cinta during her engagement..

And tonight i will be going to her solemnization....baru tempah kaftan warna hitam since it's her theme.. and for her reception tomorow also dah tempah baju...actually i was one of her bridesmaid..she did buy us the kain and all 6 of us went to my tailor and did the same baju..nntikan hasilnye k?



Guide me through.. said...

insyaallah akan ade lagi kawan hang nk kawen... nantikan hasilnye k? :P