Friday, April 20, 2012

Family Planning Kah?

Was reading Yuyu's post about merancang anak and i have been wanting to post the same also cume xtau cmne nk tulis.

to me its a sensitive issue...and very subjective depending to each of us.

i have been married for almost 6 months and so far mmg xde rezeki lg..somehow i am planning to "plan" my family hehe..bukan sbb xnk tau..cume belum bersedia..and its just not financially im referring to. you also need to be mentally ready. that's the most important thing..

i x cakap kalau dpt anak awal x bagus ye kwn2 sume..i cume ckp from my own perspective and based on my own situation sahaja..

my lil sis pun mmg bunting pelamin..she got married on May 2011 and she has safely delivered her baby mid Feb this year..she looks happy but die pun x bajet dapat anak seawal ini.Tak sempat nk merancang kot dah tuhan nk bg so terima la dgn syukur.

so far i have been asked numerous time about "are you pregnant?" thingy..maybe yeah i put on some weight and look chubbier but the truth is no im not pregnant..yet..

i'm just fat and happy.. with my husband..which most probably explains the chubbiness.

most of my frens kawen je trus dpt anak and im happy for them.anyway sape pun me not to be right? tp i cannot compare myself to them totally..i mean..i know what im capable of and what im not..

sedangkan nk jage diri sendiri pun blom lg mampu..not to mention mengawal stress dan pressure sepenuhnya lg hokay?

mempunyai anak adalah satu tanggungjawap..i just had my tanggungjawap to take care of my husband.blom lg 100% sempurna..bnyk lg kekurangan..lompong sane sini.

ye i know people say "kalau dah dpt anak tu lain cerita, rasa tanggunjawap tu akan dtg sndiri",,but do i wanna risk that for something yg x sure?no no no..

at the moment i still feel there's a lot learn..bnyk lg nk bkongsi dgn sang suami..and that needs time..

May God grants me enough of that.Amin.