Sunday, April 29, 2012

The One Who Just Got Married..

Congrats my dear fren...


Friday, April 27, 2012


Ehh..perasan x my gamba utk header ni dh tukar?

buat manual tau kat paint!!haha gile olskoolll..mmg x reti nk pakai software canggih manggih niiii

sape yg tau cmne nk buat ccantik sket TOLONG la saye yeee..

sy mmg buta graphic skett.huhuuh


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rabu Yang Tiada Perkataan..


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Wedding Shoes Review (Nikah Shoes)

Putih itu Suci..

tapi ni tak putih sgtla..ala2 off white gitu..

Ade cerita sket disebalik kasut ni..

when i was in Bicester looking for stuff i know one of my intention was to grab Jimmy Choo shoes..bridal collection die mmg mabellesssss..cume takut takde saiz or design x brape cantik yelah sbb outlet kan.

tp gamble gak pg..dah alang2 smpai sana..Since i only went to London with my mum and she's not interested with all this stuff, i went alone. We were staying near the Gloucester Road Tube station where MARA staff are staying. So from there i had to take another the tube to Piccadilly Circus Station and then take another tube to Marylebone. And from Marylebone i had to take another train for almost1 hour journey with Chiltern Railways to Bichester Villager. Tambang 30 pund pg balik..tertelan air liur gak bile dgr tambang gitu.....rm150 kottttt..itu dah cukup tambang naik kapal terbang KL-PENANG kot kalau time promo hehehe..

Dah sampai Bichester Village station die ade provide shuttle (termasuk ngn harga tiket td) to outlet tersebut..Sampai sane ter jakunla skejap sbb sgt2 eksaited x hengatt..Sambil gosok2 tgn i pun mengorak langkah masuk setiap satu butik..

ok for myself mmg tak semua butik tu aku kenal pun. Yang menjadi idaman hati adalah sudah tentunya Anya Hindmarch, Burberry, Clarks, Coach, Celine, Fendi, Gucci, Mulberry, Polo Ralph Lauren, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tod's...and utk bakal suami time tu i also tgk Dunhill, Ferragamo, Gucci, Prada, Hugo Boss..Siyes rambang mataaaa..

i decided to beli for myself dulu pastu br beli for my bakal suami..hehe

For shoes i had my eyes on Ferragamo actually..because the first round pg Jimmy Choo mcm design tu x brape berkenan and saiz pun xde.Keciwaa..I remembered yg served me that time was this philipino girl..agak kerek gakla mcm nak x nk lyn jee.i was in the boutique agak lame sbb kalau blh nk gak grab satu kasut tp design yg i wanted tu saiz xde,yg ade kecik sgt,saiz 51/2 kalau x silap.

so thats why i went to Ferragamo..i used to work in Ferragamo butik once upon a time dulu so i know Ferragamo pnye kasut mmg bagus. tp belek punye belek try punye try i still patah blk pg Jimmy Choo seolah2 mcm nk cube nasib sekali lg..This time ade sorang mamat lembut served me. Ala mcm style Tom kt dlm cite "smash" tu hahaha..He looked a bit sombong but very profesional. i angkat design yg i suke and try2 so when die nampak die tnye what size im i cakap 37..die cakap dah xde..kalau ade pun display item and kaler diae Masyallah so burukkkksss..dari kaler soft cream jd kuning2 i just sat there and tgk2 dlm butik tu buat muke kesian..tibe2 this guy masuk ke bilik belakang, came out and bw 1 box of kasut and when he opened it he said " i have size 36 1/2..go and try"..

it was the design yg aku sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..

but it a bit tight la..memandangkan saiz aku 37 kan..but i squeezed gak and there it lovelyyy..harga pun fraction je from harga asal..he then said "when u go back home, u can wear it around your house and it will expand"..huhu..i did ask him ade service expand kan kasut tak dekat situ die kata xde and suh aku cek kat Jimmy Choo pnye butik kt Msia.

tp tak kesahla kan..feeling so lucky that day. Aku paling suke tang batu2 kat depan kasut tu..hihi..

i have always dreamed of a  cream /white shoes from Jimmy Choo for my nikah day and Alhamdulliah berjaya achieved jugak..puas hati sbb beli pun harga sgt murah and berbaloi. Kalau ade sesiapa cakap mmbazir itu tpulang me nikah night itu sekali seumur hidup (Insyallah) so having your dream shoes on your wedding day can create its own memory..

But 6 months has passed and kasut tu dok termenung je dalam kotak die..was thinking to let it go tp still syg lg..tgkla cmne kalau i have decided to sell it i will post here..

So there u go story about my wedding shoes..

lepas ni post wedding shoes (sanding) plak hehe..


Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Happy Me

Following up to my previous tpanggil utk menulis ini..

just a token of appreciation to my hubby.

sepanjang 6 bulan perkahwinan..biaselah ade pahit what im gonna highlight here is the manis one..aaaand a bit of the pahit..hehe

Yeahhh we had a long history of our love started with tears but hopefully it will end in tears too..but happy tears..

We have known each other actually since that make it 10 years..

Frens at first but we realized there's a lot in common between us and the chemistry is just there..

We continued with the "special relationship" until he flew thousand miles away to further his study in 2003. Just when i thought he was the "one" i was proven to be wrong.Unfortunately our thing didnt last long and he found someone else there.

it took me a while to heal.
took a lot of strength to bounce back.
a lot of tears wasted for me to realize he was not meant to be.
a lot of support from my frens to get me back on track.

well the fact that my very best fren got married at almost the same time and my family issue did not help either..

but somehow i was grateful it was this experience that taught me to be be firm. to not be someone who do stupid things for stupid reasons.

well everybody has their own issue right? its just how u look at them and handle them.

back to my story..i spent the rest of the years mourning and losing hope.i even had my own diary to keep my journey and heartfelt during the years (tp sekejap je pun since im am not a diary person)

 when i finally had my feet on the ground..lived my life as usual,,met a few guys but could not keep myself to compare them to him..sampai my frens keep asking me.."what is it that you are looking for?ko ni cerewet la dila, ke ko ade tunggu someone niii?i just kept quiet..because i didnt have the answer for that.

When i was in my mourning season, one of my fren even told me "Dila,maybe skrg ko sedih tp percayalah,one day you will find someone who will treat you like a princess"..

And i truly believed that..bole x???

In 2008 i knew he already back in Malaysia. The things is we are somehow in the same circle of frens. Some of my frens are his close frens also..So secara langsung atau tak..suke atau x..i still know hows hes doing and his life back in the UK.

Tp sumpah i didnt know why,even up to that time..hearing his name still give me this this chill if i still had the "thing" for him?There was actually a few attempts from him to see me but i ignored.Probably luka lame still ade kot hahah..

then one fine night i received an SMS...goes something like this "Hi are you..Nik ni.."

i swear my heart couldn't stop beating so fast and this rush of adrenalin just coming that i did not believe what was happening.

i then replied the SMS..and the second opportunity came along.. opportunity for happiness.

And that brings me where i am today..happily married to him..

im not a a kind of person who can forgive..but in this case..exceptional applies hahaha..

I can say all the experience that i have been through..all the tears and the was all worth it.

Because all that turned him to be a better man..a lot better that he used to be.. And that taught him to treat me me with respects and appreciation.

Even after dah kahwin 6 bulan he still sabar and compromised with all my flaws and bad side of me.. now i realized marrying me can be very challenging u know..

SO lucky to have a husband yg sgt2 faham kepenatan bekerja di ofis and ketidakmampuan nak menyediakan segala-galanya untuk die. I used to cook masa baru2 kawin aritu but skrg since so busy with work dah tak mampu lg dah..luckily my hubby tak makan malam since he is on his special diet.

Even though we have washing machine at home we rarely use it. He even hanta all our baju pg dobi,collect them when its done and buy me food because i was so lazy to cook. 

He sends & pick me up from work everyday..Going thru all the traffic since we live at Damansara Perdana bcos i work at the middle of KL city really challenged him. And when we finally arrived home, he even volunteer to massage my feet ok and refuse me to massage him because he knows im tired.. So nice of him..

i know maybe org akan kate " ala baru kawen mmgla suami baik tp tgkla in another few years" might be true but just let me enjoy this phase of my married life as much as i can bole?

This post bukan nak menunjuk2 kebaikan suami x salah berkongsi utk panduan semua..huhu

im just happy with the way im living my life now and still improving for the better. have some big plans for the near future but not yet confirmed..

So percayalah bile tuhan turunkan dugaan kite...He knows best what is there coming for us..

See x salahkan when i believe my fren said " will find someone who will treat you like a princess"?

it turned out to be true..somehow..


Friday, April 20, 2012

Family Planning Kah?

Was reading Yuyu's post about merancang anak and i have been wanting to post the same also cume xtau cmne nk tulis.

to me its a sensitive issue...and very subjective depending to each of us.

i have been married for almost 6 months and so far mmg xde rezeki lg..somehow i am planning to "plan" my family hehe..bukan sbb xnk tau..cume belum bersedia..and its just not financially im referring to. you also need to be mentally ready. that's the most important thing..

i x cakap kalau dpt anak awal x bagus ye kwn2 sume..i cume ckp from my own perspective and based on my own situation sahaja..

my lil sis pun mmg bunting pelamin..she got married on May 2011 and she has safely delivered her baby mid Feb this year..she looks happy but die pun x bajet dapat anak seawal ini.Tak sempat nk merancang kot dah tuhan nk bg so terima la dgn syukur.

so far i have been asked numerous time about "are you pregnant?" thingy..maybe yeah i put on some weight and look chubbier but the truth is no im not pregnant..yet..

i'm just fat and happy.. with my husband..which most probably explains the chubbiness.

most of my frens kawen je trus dpt anak and im happy for them.anyway sape pun me not to be right? tp i cannot compare myself to them totally..i mean..i know what im capable of and what im not..

sedangkan nk jage diri sendiri pun blom lg mampu..not to mention mengawal stress dan pressure sepenuhnya lg hokay?

mempunyai anak adalah satu tanggungjawap..i just had my tanggungjawap to take care of my husband.blom lg 100% sempurna..bnyk lg kekurangan..lompong sane sini.

ye i know people say "kalau dah dpt anak tu lain cerita, rasa tanggunjawap tu akan dtg sndiri",,but do i wanna risk that for something yg x sure?no no no..

at the moment i still feel there's a lot learn..bnyk lg nk bkongsi dgn sang suami..and that needs time..

May God grants me enough of that.Amin.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Video Kahwin Yg Best

gotta watch this:


such a beautiful wedding i must say!


Friday, April 13, 2012

The One Who Got Married & Will Be...

Weddings is still in the air..


Actually i have attended a lot of weddings before tp sbb takde gamba best so malas nk post... But below are some of the pics of my frens that i went to their engagement  and also their weddings..

Miss Nona..during her engagement..


and her wedding..last February..

And Miss Cinta during her engagement..

And tonight i will be going to her solemnization....baru tempah kaftan warna hitam since it's her theme.. and for her reception tomorow also dah tempah baju...actually i was one of her bridesmaid..she did buy us the kain and all 6 of us went to my tailor and did the same baju..nntikan hasilnye k?


Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Australia Trip Link

Haha..back to the past everibodiiiii...

This Australia trip was in 2009..i did an entry about it tp x abis.sbb malasss..even skrg pun malas lg..but fortunately my big sis ade buat entry psl that rip in her blog..

so just go here

i love gold coast..i really do..too bad the trip was a bit short so tak sempat menikmati sepenuhnyaaa...i lov the weather, the people..the traffic yg sgt best,attitude driver kt sane..fuhh..insyaallah next time msti akn pg lagi..

so thats all peeps..

sehingga berjumpa lg..


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yuyu's Wedding!


This should have been posted months agoooo..tapi biaselaaa..perangai malas dtg lagiiiii

i was thrilled to get the invitation by Yuyu to her wedding..kelasss gitu..dekat Condorde lg..

her solemnization was held in Carcosa Seri dreaaaammmmm venue!!!!

Hey check out her invi card made in Indonesia..cantikkkkk

Some pics during her event...ugly shots by me using non pro camera..huhuhu

Gile blurrrrrr..

Itu saje gambo yg ade...sedihkann??


Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Honeymoon In Paris & Venice (Part 2)

Hello all!

Couldn't find a good time to just enjoy the pics and short updates!

from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport to Venice Marco Polo airport via easyJet. Europe's budget airline..

From airport had to take the alilaguna boat to ge to Venice. Other alternative is to get a bus..

The breathtaking view from out boat..

Once we arrived which is around 4pm,we went to the tourist center asking for the direction to our hotel..Even so, we still a bit lost  because the street in Venice is like a MAZE!

Filled with small alleys that can confused u!quite interesting but if you dont hv a photographic memory or good with map, u'll get lost easily.

during the search we passed by some designer boutique which i soooooooo beautiful.too bad could not snap any pic there..Fendi, cavalli, dolce & gabanna etc..located in a small old building..

Finally,our hotel room! tired.

the next day..tour inside the historical city..bought tthe musem pass to visit main musem in x dptla nk cover sume. mainly because of the weather yg still sejuk around -1c.

 the famous st marks square


view from our hotel..can see the gondolas passing by..sometimes they are singing to the passengers.

 another famous attraction..Rialto Bridge

had our fine dining later that night. the restaurant called rossa rossa and recommended by the hotel owner. we had salmon salad as the appetizer, prawn risotto as the main dish and tiramisu for the desert.


how was the taste??hmm bolelaaaa..

tomorrow morning..breakfast time!ni candid pics yaaaaa..

sambung jalan lg..

we stopped at Hard Rock and bought some souvenirs..HRC t-shirts..atually the HRC is so near by the gondolas stop. We did not ride the gondolas as we did not have enough time. too bad..will go there again and ride it for sure..

had to catch our flight back to paris at 8pm..

 on our way back to the Marco Polo airport in the alilaguna boat..

reached Orly airport at 10pm..another few days more in be continued..