Friday, March 23, 2012

Its a Boy!

My lil sis have safely delivered her baby boy!

Name: Muhammad Taufiq

Date:13/2/2012 at 9.18 am via emergency LSCS d/t fetal distress. 

Weight: 3.28 kg delivered at Hospital Ampang 

semoga menjadi anak yang baik k?hehe


Saturday, March 10, 2012

The "Something Blue" Reception..

I have been married for almost 5 months and only now i hv the time to update my full reception..hahhh!


Date : 30 Oct 2011
Time: 12.30pm - 4.30pm
Venue: Duchess Place, Jalan Ampang
Theme : Royal Blue & Silver

Solemnization Dress : Unaisah Azlan
Make up : Sue Cantik
Pelamin : Duchess Place
Photographer : LampuStudio (Fariz Zainal)
Videographer : Rudy (TV3)
Catering : Duchess Place
Hand Bouquet : Flora by Shayra
Flower Deco : Flora by Shayra

A beautiful day where it all

The Duchess Place

The talented Sue Cantik arrived so early..i think its wasn't even 10 o'clock yet and shes already punctual!

Yuyu as the emcee for the day is interviewing me...

Almost ready..

The deco in the hall..

p/s:  orchids pics from Shayra FB

 See the orchids??i purposely wanted white orchid fir the deco as i know its going to bring a different mood and ambiance in the it!

And more picchassss..

and also corsage for my family member..another white orchid..

p/s:  orchids pics from Shayra FB

My frens,families and colleagues..

Fuuhh..there u go!so finally i wrapped it up..after so long simpan gamba2 ni dlm my pc..hehe..

Alhamdulilah its been almost 5 months but the memory is still there..everything went well for the wedding..

If there is one thing that wasn't really at place pun is that i forgot to provide the "Guestbook"..can u imagine??meja dah ade..deco fresh flower dah ade..tup2 bukunya xde..haha..and only realized it when my brother in law suddenly asked me about it while i was being made up by Kak Sue..nasib baik my bro in law tlg pg last minit..gile geram to myself that time sbb how come blh tlupe bende2 kecik mcm bride to be..remember..sometimes bende kecik2 mcmtu yg kite tlupe kan?

I was so glad that i hired Su Cantik..its worth it..really..i think all of u out there pun dah sedia maklum ngn talent Kak Sue yg mmg blh transform u lah..sumpah x sia sia book more that a year earlier sbb i know she always not available! She's friendly, punctual,lembut sgt time make up and x kasar funny plak tu..siap bergosip2 lg..

The dress..again from Unaisah..ade crite sket dsebalik baju tu but thank god at last everything went well jugak..alhamdulillah..

All and happy..happy that im married to the guy i love..happy for the guest that those who wished and the doa's from blessed..

also to my family that has been thru it all..for the support..really grateful.

My offial OP and briedsmaid that has been sooo helpful and sooo tolerate with we thru out the event ehehehe..

Lastly sorry for the delay on this reception post but i hope everyone enjoy thanks again for making that day the most memorable day in my life..tq luv


Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Its my birthday today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please pray for me..hehehe..

Now i am 29 oledddiiiii..

hoefully i will age gracefully..bcome more wiser and dimurahkan rezeki..rumathangga bahagia and jadi isteri yg solehah..

My husband's treat at TGI Friday..

His order..herbs spaghetti with prawn

And york steak

And a whole Oreo Cheese Secret Recipe Cake..


Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Honeymoon in Paris & Venice (Part 1)

Just a short update on my honeymoon trip to Paris & Venice..

Bought the ticket thru AirAsia a few days beofre the trip..can u imagine?hehe however managed to plan and have our own itinerary thruout the entire trip.

Depart at 12.55 in the morning..

Just arrived at the airport..time is 7.30am local time..after 13 hours of journey..

The weather outside..light amazing..however we are freezing like was -4c when we arrived..

Had our quick breakfast after freshened up..

Ohh the hot choco and the croissant sooo good..

Took the train from airport to go to our hotel near Bussy St Georges station..

Such a comfortable hotel and near to train station..

Then proceed to go for little shopping at the outlet.. La Vallee Village..similar to Bichester Village in London..We took the train to Val d'Europe station and just wait for the shuttle to take u to the outlet which will take around 5-10 minutes.

 be honest i prefer has more brands compared to La Vallee and we only interested in Longchamps and Calvin Kleins which is having good sale..

And after that went back to hotel and have a good rest..

Tomorrow.2nd day is DISNEYLAND time!!

had breakfast at the hotel..good one!

We purposely want to spend the first 2 days near that area because Disneyland and the outlet is quiet close to each other..only 1-2 trains away..

But before we make a move, we took the train to Torcy station to Carrefour to find something else for me to wear!!i was so cold to death!!! i wanted to buy new shoes that can really gv me found a boot that is wearable for long distance at a very good price..5 euros!!!

sambil tu bhenti jap minum2 sambil makan2 kek! We had hot choc..lemon merengue & an apple pie..marvellous!

Enjoy some of the pictures at Disney..but sadly the weather was unbearably cold that i can only cover x sampai 60% pun of total area..

Mmmg rase in beautifulllll..i will visit there again one day..maybe in summer so that blh cover sume..

After Disney we went straight back to hotel.. to Venice..will be continued until next post..lapaaa dah ni..