Monday, February 20, 2012

The Jacket

Bought my mum a trench coat for her since she did asked me to buy once that similar to the one she bought when we went to Paris last year(fuhhh).

Something like this..

Except the one i bought was in black. size 42.

i knew the size wasn't rite.but i bought it anyway since it was the last day. didn't fit her..

so tell me how to tukar since H&M is still not available in Malaysia?The nearest store is in Singapore. I did email them and they said it can be exchanged but i still need to go there..i was thinking just to courier..hehe....of kosla x bole kan?

and i need to change it before her trip to Japan early next month..**sigh**

mcm impossible jeee..



Shayra said...

Babe, agak2 kalau u nak jual Trench Coat ni brapa ya? hehe