Friday, January 27, 2012

Will Update More Frequent

Bertatih sy nk update nih..but from now on will be more rajin because..

Dah dpt UNIFI!Yippiieeeee..

Ye sy tau org dh berzaman br nk suscribe least ade kan?

Sy nk settlekan hutang2 post yg dah berlambak2 ni..antaranya:

  1. My something blue reception (priority tuhh)
  2. My Europe trip last year
  3. My HK trip last year gak
  4. Gold Coast trip..separuh jalan je
  5. My Perhentian trip (gile dah bezaman)
  6. My wedding details review (vendor,preparation dan sebgainye..)
  7. errr...itu je yg ingat..

i really hope to finish posting all these so that i can start a new one..hihii

till then..