Friday, January 13, 2012

My Solemnization Details-(updated)

This is it!The updated one!

My solemnization details..i was so looking forward to post this sbb takut lupe all the details..tidaaaaakkkkk.

Been so busy with work and house too..ahhh nasib baik got such a loving and helping husband hehehe so blh buat keje rumah sama2..

ok as been promised here is the detail, of my special night..the akad nikah ...

Date : 28 Oct 2011
Time: 8.30pm - 11.30pm
Venue: Bride's home - Pandan Indah KL
Theme : Bride's-off white,olive green and purple

Solemnization Dress : Unaisah Azlan
Make up : Kak Liza (Butik Saidatulnisa)
Pelamin : Kerja Kahwin (Kak Wanie)
Photographer : LampuStudio (Fariz Zainal)
Videographer : Rudy (TV3)
Canopy : NSJ Canopy
Catering : Sajian D-Hidang
Hand Bouquet - Kerja Kahwin (Kak Wanie)
Hantaran Deco - Kerja Kahwin (Kak Wanie)

I will do another entry khas for all the vendors Insyaallah..

Here are some of the pics for the night..unedited from my OP (LampuStudio)..there are thousands of them but i managed to take my ownnnnnnn sweet time to choose which to put enjoy..

The canopy from NSJ..really love transparent canopy and the chiavary chairs..i have been dreaming to have chiavary chairs for my creates a mood and serene environment. im glad that im able to have it at least for my solemnization..

My dress for the it..a simple baju kurung moden which i requested the baju to be slightly shorther and the kain extra flowy..with the heavy chiffon i bought at Jakel, beaded n sequin lace i bought online..the result is so satisfactory..i purposely chose white color because i personally think the color is suci and pure and soooooo meant for nikah..i had thought for other colors as well such as peach,silver or soft blue but i know i can wear other colors in some other events but white...biarlah time nikah aje..

The beautiful make up by Kak grateful that i hired her..sgt sgt puas hati..she's punctual..friendly..mekap sgt natural and i really lov what she did to my flawless..and i lov the eyes too!!

For hantarans 11 dulang berbalas 11 dulang mum said its ok to balas with the same amout of dulang because tak wajip pun mende tuh..she also xmo dulang2 hantaran banyak sgt sbb nnti nampak messy..well i agreed..and my in laws pun x kisah..

Now lets look at some of the hantarans from me to him..the HUGO shirt and the Feragammo shoes were bought while i was in London..i just love Bicester..a lot of great discounted branded stuff there..the shirt way wayyyyy cheaper..and the shoes too....after VAT refund lgla murah..heheh..and as for the HUGO wallet i kirim thru a fren who happened to come back from the UK 1 day before my wedding..pun very good price jugak..

And from his side to me..

Love all of my hantarans and some of them i have been eyeing for so long.Like for the Fendi handbag i bought it during my trip to the difference of the price compared to Malaysia..the D & G watch i bought during watch sale in KL..such a slash there on the mas kahwin (dowry) which was 3 pieces of dinar coin bought in inlaws insisted to give me this..heheh..suke2..and the Manolo Hangisi,bought it from an Australian frens who bought it in the dream to have that "something blue" for my wedding. ..finally..The telekung was from my sis in law bought while she went to Bandung. as for perfume, me and him bought together a few months before wedding..time sales jugak..

The event was of cor wasnt 100% perfect..ade hipcup here and there but it was almost the way i wanted hehehe..some of my besties did make it to the night..eventho it was Friday,working day and they had to go thru all the traffic jams to come to my house and celebrate the happiest night of my life..i really appreciate it.

Overall the events ended succesfully and me changed my status to Mrs..seriously i could not believe that i actually got married that night..rase mcm mimpi aje...

But i did enjoy my solemnization night..the night that i can never forget..Insyaallah..for those B2B out there..plan sebaik-baiknye malam nikah anda because even in 5-10 years to come..u can still picture them and think of it as the best moment in your life..Insyaallah..