Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Wedding Ring Review-Part 2

After my merisik, it was long enough for us to find our own sweet time for my engagement ring..we had almost 4 months to decide..

much influenced by my friend a.k.a colleague, Alia she was the one who actually opened my 2 eyes about the world of diamonds. before this i did not really pay attention about the 4c's and whatnot because i was paying my attention to something else for my engagement and bigger..my wedding!

haha..somehow i managed to get something that i REALLYYY love for my engagement ring..

Its from Love & Co.

I really like this brand..

But i admit its a bit expensive if u compare the same 4c's at other jewellery shop.

Its a .19 carat..pretty small ehh but okla for tunang..hihi



oshinz said...

simple je.. comel!