Monday, December 05, 2011

Move Out to Move In

Hi allssss,

Last weekend i said goodbye to my parents house since i am moving out..

Bcos im moving in!!!to my hubby's houseeeeeeee..

Actually berdebar2 jugak ni.Kinda nervous to live just by ourselves. Everything berkongsi bersama.

Right now we are staying at Damansara Perdana. Love the close with everything..
Especially IKEA, Tesco, Hartamas,OU,The Curve.hihii..

Can see that my shoppping spree for my wardrobe and my house will be much more convenient hihiihiiiiiii..

KL pun x jauh sgt. at least i dont have to travel far to work.

We are planning to but another property at the same area. Because currently the house that we are staying at is a bit small..but we'll see how it goes lah