Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Wedding Ring Review-Part 2

After my merisik, it was long enough for us to find our own sweet time for my engagement ring..we had almost 4 months to decide..

much influenced by my friend a.k.a colleague, Alia she was the one who actually opened my 2 eyes about the world of diamonds. before this i did not really pay attention about the 4c's and whatnot because i was paying my attention to something else for my engagement and bigger..my wedding!

haha..somehow i managed to get something that i REALLYYY love for my engagement ring..

Its from Love & Co.

I really like this brand..

But i admit its a bit expensive if u compare the same 4c's at other jewellery shop.

Its a .19 carat..pretty small ehh but okla for tunang..hihi


Thursday, December 08, 2011

My Wedding Ring Review-Part 1

Yeah i know i bought my wedding ring at the so last minute..like 1 day before??

hehe..maybe becos im not really into "wedding ring" u know..i dont really mind as long as i will hv one..

i think that can justify for the delay of purchasing it..

Hmm..lets recap.

He bought me a ring for my merisik... Its from GOLDHEART...Actually merisik ni tak payah cincin pun kan.or sstgh org panggil cincin tanda..whateva la..org dh nk bg aku amek jela hihii..
Before that i dont really think about "the ring" until we went for ring hunting..masuk je kedai expecially kalau SA tu pandai goreng sket je confirm cair. Mase tu all the 4C's tak masuk kepala sgt..main hentam aje beli cincin merisik. So dapatla cincin ni:

It is a Platinum+Sterling called Platim plus small diamonds..okla kan for merisik..This ring was bought i think seminggu dua before merisik.kira awal la tuh.

Next is for my engagement.. Kali ni nak up sket..konon2 dah tau sket psl diamonds and all padahal still blur2 lg bile SA tu dok explain.hehehe..

So went ring hunting again at MidValley..x larat nk g bnyk2 tempat..

Went to Habib, Selberan,Diamond & Platinum, Poh Kong, and so many2 more sampai nk muntah tgk kedai emas..

to be continued..


Monday, December 05, 2011

Move Out to Move In

Hi allssss,

Last weekend i said goodbye to my parents house since i am moving out..

Bcos im moving in!!!to my hubby's houseeeeeeee..

Actually berdebar2 jugak ni.Kinda nervous to live just by ourselves. Everything berkongsi bersama.

Right now we are staying at Damansara Perdana. Love the area..so close with everything..
Especially IKEA, Tesco, Hartamas,OU,The Curve.hihii..

Can see that my shoppping spree for my wardrobe and my house will be much more convenient hihiihiiiiiii..

KL pun x jauh sgt. at least i dont have to travel far to work.

We are planning to but another property at the same area. Because currently the house that we are staying at is a bit small..but we'll see how it goes lah