Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Last Week..

my oh my..

its already my last week being a "cik" hehehe.

to be honest i am so stressed up ritte no..

baju x siap lg..mebi bsok br siap kataUnaisah.

  1. i havent finish my list of songs yet..
  2. havent bought my spanx yet..waaaa
  3. havent bought my ring yet.. (ya i know crazy rite..couldnt find the rite time)
  4. my accessories blom lengkap lg...adoiii
  5. dn mcm2 lg..x sanggup nk listkan kt sini..ayayaiiyaii

im not sure but this might be the last post before my nikah this doakan i ye girls??



Eny Razak said...

hai,i wish that everything will goes as it's planned...all the best yea =)
jgn stress..insyaAllah sumanya akan lengkap before your big day!!!

Fie said...

Good luck for tomorrow darling!Don't forget to post banyak2 pictures - I'm sure you'll look gorgeous. Don't be stressed out sangat ok? :D

If you need someone to help you, I'm an email away ;) nuratifi (at) gmail (dot) com

After this, I boleh lah address you as Puan Dalila. Hehe

Izrin said...

heyy..everything will be alright, insyaAllah.. it will be hectic this final week, but u'll managed to pull through.. hehe..i pon dulu start cuti the final week and macam2 buat that week.. good luck and all the best!!

Izrin said...

babe.. it will be alright, insyAllah.. it will be hectic this week, but u'll manage to pull through.. i pon buat sumer benda the final week.. all the best yea.. good luck!!