Saturday, October 01, 2011

Less Than A Month Away..

less than a time flies so fast!

i was planning to put here my latest wedding checklist here..but no time yet.been super duper crazy busy lately.

a lot to update.

  1. my food tasting at the wedding venue
  2. my invitation card
  3. my hantaran (& his too)
  4. henna searching
  5. reception & solem dress
  6. reception deco (a bit dissapointed here)
  7. solem deco
  8. so called bilik pengantin deco
  9. self preparation (facial,spa,mani-pedi & threading)
  10. etc etc
some of the above i was a bit frustrated.but it's ok.still got time to adjust.

im hoping to have time to update all of that.



FarizAtie said...

salam singgah dr atie..
jom exchange link

misha.w said...

still waiting for your card. official card okeh.

sekian. :)