Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Last Week..

my oh my..

its already my last week being a "cik" hehehe.

to be honest i am so stressed up ritte no..

baju x siap lg..mebi bsok br siap kataUnaisah.

  1. i havent finish my list of songs yet..
  2. havent bought my spanx yet..waaaa
  3. havent bought my ring yet.. (ya i know crazy rite..couldnt find the rite time)
  4. my accessories blom lengkap lg...adoiii
  5. dn mcm2 lg..x sanggup nk listkan kt sini..ayayaiiyaii

im not sure but this might be the last post before my nikah this doakan i ye girls??


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hanna's Engagement

Last week a fren of mine got engaged..

i wish i could come but the event was jauh nun di Terengganu..

check out the dress!!

its from Qudyn..lovvely aite?

Ooowwww so sweeettttttttt

Jahitan kemas,design dapat spt yg kite nak, cutting cantik siap my fren kata die nampak kurus gile pakai baju tuh..huhuu

Tapi ade crite yg kureng best psl Qudyn ni time my fren buat baju ngn die..hmm ntahla..bile dgr rase mmg x best..

But her mum dah sgt berknan dgn hasil keje Qudyn smpai suruh my fren pakai Qudyn lg time nk kawen fren dah dlm dilema..

So ni kire kualiti kerja VS kualiti servis la ni..

She asked for my opinion but i also x tau cmne..sometimes we can sacrifice kualiti servis kalau kualiti keje die baik..but sometimes x bole jugak..i leave it to her to decide..

I told her kalau betul sedap pakai pejam mata ajelah bab2 yg x sedap tuu..hhuhu..

But anyway..hopefully it wont happen to my with my designer..

p/s: pics from her FB,her frens and her OP


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pre-Wed Teaser...

Just a teaser..


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

my wedding invitation

right now tgh rancak send kad jemputan to guest..harap2 xde yg ttinggall..

eventho i hv prepared the list long time ago,tp bila dh dekat2 ni still kelam kabut.

so to u who sudi nk memeriahkan majlis sy...silalah emel ur address to my and insyaallah akan sy hantarkan kad jemputan..

a bit information about my wedding detail:

~30 oct 2011~duchess place~day time~royal blue,silver & white~

looking forward to see u all...


Monday, October 17, 2011


yesss..deco for my sanding dh finalized finally..i got what i wanted!
cume final quotation blom dpt lg (still!!!)

fuuhhh lega at least 1 thing dh blh tick from my checklist

it took me ages to discuss it with tthem..

and i hd a great pre wed photoshoot too!!cant wait to show u the result..mungkin rabu siap..


Friday, October 14, 2011

pre wed photoshoot at klpac

omg i need help..

i am supposed to hv my pre wed photoshoot tomorrow at KLPAC.dh arrange ngn photographerr sume ok.

my photograper nasiib baik pg call dulu KLPAC n rupe nye nk buat photoshoot kt situ kene charge rm500 ok!!!

siyes i xtau..frust!!!

can anyone advise betul ke ade charge and mane lg tmpat yg best nk buat photoshoot

tq mmuaahh


Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Yuyu' Post!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Less Than A Month Away..

less than a time flies so fast!

i was planning to put here my latest wedding checklist here..but no time yet.been super duper crazy busy lately.

a lot to update.

  1. my food tasting at the wedding venue
  2. my invitation card
  3. my hantaran (& his too)
  4. henna searching
  5. reception & solem dress
  6. reception deco (a bit dissapointed here)
  7. solem deco
  8. so called bilik pengantin deco
  9. self preparation (facial,spa,mani-pedi & threading)
  10. etc etc
some of the above i was a bit frustrated.but it's ok.still got time to adjust.

im hoping to have time to update all of that.