Saturday, July 09, 2011

Euro Trip-London (Part 1)

Quick and short! So hard to find time to update my blog nowadays.

So me and my mother departed from KLIA with Gulf Air and transited in Bahrain. Kinda excited caused had a chance to step my foot in another country which is not included in my trip,nyeheheh.

But tak berpeluang nak kluar airport pun sbb transit for a few hours only. Bergambo jelah.

Time tu dah pukul 1 pagi kot..mata mcm dah naik lebam and bontot dah naik kematu dok dlm flight lama td....thank god the food served mcm sgt best! Ini adalah buat kudap-kudapan..Cheese Sandwich hokayyy tgh pagi2 buta tuuuu..

Pastu tido.. Bangun celik mata je breakfast is about to serve. I opted for this:

And my mum chose this:

Sampai je terus naik tube pg my mum's fren's house as promised. Nak dijadikan cite sesat kooooooooo.. Citenye cmni,since my fiance pnh stay sane dulu, I just showed him the address but he overlooked and thought the house was in Queensway area.. mentang2 la kat alamat tu ade tulis Queen's Gate. So me and my mum pon time nk amek tube tu belila tiket ke Queensway punye station from Heathrow. kene tukar tren kot 2 kali sbb different route.sampai2 je, bile i called my mum's fren,rupenye bukan stesen tu daaaaa..kene patah blk because it should be another station instead, Glouchester Road (pronounced as Gloster"). Dahla orang kt sane semua naik tren mcm robot,nak cepat ajeee(mcm kt Msia gakla) me with heavy giant sized luggage. Rasa mcm nak patah kaki dan tangan ni mengangkut.

But at last sampai jugak. It was cold gak. Surprisingly because its almost summer supposedly. but i enjoyed the weather so much.After we had our lunch, we went jalan laaaaaaa..

Around the housing area...

Nampak je sunny, but the wind MashaAllah..sejuklah!

I have been dying to step my foot here. HARRODS!here i come!

Memori of the late Princess Diana & Dodi al-Fayed

Just browsing around je..memang brg mahal2 je la kt Harrods ni.mostly branded stuff.lagik2 time tu xde sale..

Travel naik bas aje..pakai Oyster Card,ala2 Touch & Go.

Next, Oxford Street..bought some stuff at Primark. gedung fesyen murah gileeee kt sane!

My fiance keep saying crepe with nutella kt sane i tried it out.

Ni haa..dalam 4 pound kot kalau x silap.. (RM20?????heheh jgnla convert,kalau convert mmg x makan!)

Gerai kecik kat tgh Oxford Street yg jual mcm2 jenis crepes, souvenirs & refreshments.

After Oxford Street..Selfridges..pun brg2 branded gak..slack xde sale lg..

In front of Anya Hindmarch!

Before i went back home.. time ni sejuk gilossss..Oh kt sana since its almost summer waktu siang lg panjang..time ni kalau x silap dah nk kul 9 lebih..x gelap lg.. maghrib pun masuk kul 9 something..

Itu baru part 1..hehehe..first day baru tuuu..After blk makan,mandi,belek2 hasil belian and tidooooo..

Tomorrow's mission....

Je vais aller à paris!


to be continued...


Renee Meow said...

i miss london...!! oh so envy of u rite noww.... tcare n hav fun..! :D

MyNewJourney said...

renee: yap..i will go there again one day!

Nurul Husna said...

ko punya post ni kan dilla.penuh makanan..buat aku lapa jek di bulan pose :)