Monday, July 25, 2011

Euro Trip-Geneva, Switzerland

Errr..not Paris....yet... Like i mentioned in my previous post.

After London part 1 yes we went to Paris via Eurostar but only as a stopover for our next journey to Geneva, Switzerland. Our initial plan was to visit Zurich, but it required another 3 additional hours from Paris making it 5 hours total compared to Geneva which only took 3 hours. I know my mum could not make it so we settled for Geneva. The train ticket was bought months earlier prior to our Euro trip.

From London we took Eurostar train at 5.25 am..The cold weather did not stop us from feeling really really excited to start our journey. After 2 hours and 20 minutes we reached Gare Du Nord Station. However we had to depart from Gare Du Lyon Station to take TGV-Lyria train to Geneva.

This is the part where I was a bit worried.

You know, we arrived at around 8.50am and our next train to Geneva leaves at 10.10am. So we have to travel from 1 train station to another within 2 hours only! I have all the information with me, but I was just being extra carefull just in case if we got lost or could not make it for the train and we were in a country where people barely speak English!

Hahaha.. but I got all I want from the net..Everything..from the route from Gare Du Nord to Gare Du train or by long is the estimated time..all of the information i found here..

Thank god we made it in fact we were so much earlier and have to wait almost 1 and a half hour for the train to leave to Geneva.

Another 3 hour journey bring us these beautiful views of lakes, mountains and farms..As mentioned in the website i provided earlier.."This 'new' line will take Paris-Geneva TGVs at low speed through some great mountainous terrain through some 11 tunnels and over 80 bridges & viaducts including the spectacular Cize-Bolozon Viaduct, a structure partly blown up by the French resistance in 1944 (it took 5 years to repair the damage after the war!). Sit back with a glass of red wine and enjoy the scenic stress-free alternative to flying to Geneva, past pretty French villages, mountain forests and scenic lakes"

err except the wine part..hahahaha.

And we arrive after 3 hours!waaaaaa so tiring..Here in Swiss, people also speak French as main language.

Got off the train..find the way of station and made our way to our hotel which is situated just across the train station. Hotel tu punyela betul2 depan station and punyela besao tp boleh x kami x nampak and habis pusing2 and tanye sane sini at last jmpe jugak..

Had our lunch dgn megi dulu utk alas perut..

Actually masa tgh sesat cari hotel, we asked direction from one of the kebab punye restaurant managed by org Turki./Arab x sure. My mum wanted to go back there sbb die kata mcm sedap.
So we went there and had our lunch.. Memangla org kata kat Swiss mahal.. yapp..mmg mahal..sekali makan sorang mau dekat rm100 gakla..itupun yg paling murah dah..

Even hotel pun mmg xde hotel cikai..kalau nk yg murah kene duduk jauh2 dari town,which is a bit hardla because i dont want to travel a lot around city.Kalau bole nk everything within walking distance je.So dptla hotel yg harga die mcm nk sama taraf hotel 5 bintang kt Msia ni..even kt sana 2-3 bintang je.

Oh forgot to mention that we changed our currency from pound to Swiss Franc dekat London gak..the exchange that time was around 3.45mcm tula. Even currency die rendah sket from France or London,tp harga barang die dah memang mmg mahaiiiii la senang citaaaa..

After makan we just walked around habiskan masa. Yg menarik dekat Swiss ni, all tourist diberi kelebihan memiliki Travel Card ni:

So buses,train,ferries..boat kaa...trams kaa..ape jenis transportation la..all tourist can use and enjoy them for FREE! yes FREE...but the card is provided by the hotel yg kite duduk,so kalau pg sane and x duduk hotel or tinggal umah kwn2 ke x trmsuk dlm advantage ini yee..

First day x gune lg transport die since we decided to just was a bit warm compared to London or even Paris..especially tengahari. dah mcm Msia kot..

Some places that we able to visit were the Brunswick Monument.

The famous Lake Geneva walking distance from my hotel). Brought some souvenirs here like keychains,fride magnet and usual..hehehe

Ape name church ni x ingat..

In front of Cornavin Train Station

Some streets fashion boutique..

And after that we were so tired already and decided to call the day off..

Next day...

View from my hotel waktu pagi..syahduuuuu

the best part! Breakfast! Provided by the hotel..

So may types of bread..

To be careful..we only ate ape saje jenis roti yg ade..and ohhh man there were a lot!

Dah kenyang we sambung jalan!

This time we took the trams..ape itu trams?alaaa keretapi yg ade rail die sndiri kt tgh2 jalan raya tuh..

Went to this church..x ingat name gak..banyak sgt church lama kt sana..

From one end to one end kami dok dlm tren tu..But we stopped at place called Plaine de Palais or the flea market where there sell almost EVERYTHING..

Yap not kidding you..dah mcm sampah pun ade..tmasuk baju,kain buruk pun ade,kasut buruk pun ade..antiques..furnitures,fabrics,household items..memang menarik sgt tgk mereka mengorek2 ape item yg nk dibeli.hehehe..ala2 mcm bundle sale la kan.."The largest outdoor flea market Geneva where locals go to hawk their old and often valuable ‘junk’, be it paintings, records, dish sets, antiques or vintage clothing. Tuesdays, Fridays and Sunday from 08:00 to 17:00"

Baju pengantin pun ade kotttt..

Selain itu, we went to the other part of the city by trams also..Saw this one giant sized of broken chair..It depicts a giant chair with a broken leg and stands across the street from the Palace of nations, in Geneva.It symbolises opposition to land mines and cluster bombs,and acts as a reminder to politicians and others visiting Geneva.

Before end of the day i went to H&M situated just beside my hotel and tried to find something for my fren. She kirim from me a few stuff since H&M website is on sale. But not in Swiss, in fact the price was waaaaayyy to expensive. So x jd beli.

Trip di Geneva berakhir disitu saje before we took our train back to Paris around late afternoon camtu.

We packed our stuff and bergamba dekat lif die..sbb ape?lif die sgt klasik mcm lift zaman dulu2..yg ade pagar before nak masuk tu..huhu

But before naik tren,saw this lovely bakery shop...

and stopped to buy this!


Rasenye...mmm..sedap..but its just too sweet..

While waiting for train..

Good bye Geneva! Hi back to Paris!