Friday, June 17, 2011

Market Place..errrr Market Hall

Quick update on food plak!

Yesterday we had our department dinner bersempena jugak dengan kejayaan one of my colleague Ms Nona utk diserap masuk secara permanent in my company.. We went to Market Hall.

I kept on tersasul ckp Market Place..adussss.. (if u know what Market Place is..hehe)

The complimentary roti with salsa dip..forgot the full name..

And what did we order?

For starter we had Market Hall Caesar Salad..their signature salad yum yummm

For main course...

My boss had Pasta of the day...lupe ape tah name die..ade udang2..but looks soooo niceeee

My senior ordered this..Tagliolini kalau x silap

Nona with main course of the day..grilled seabass

While Alia had this...Paella

My one and only male colleague ordered this.. Risotto of the day..ade beef bacon

And finally me! Chicken Roulade

What's for dessert?

Chocolate Mocha Souffle

2 bijik macaroons perisa limau & berry..sedap nak matiiii.. (even better than those i tried in Swiss)

Chocolate & Mascorpone Tart with Orange Salad & Marnier Syrup

Muke kekenyangan sbnrnye ni! comment is..service die lambat! Mungkin kebetulan x cukup staff ke ape x sure plak. And my chicken sgt keras dan liat! But for others their food were damn nice..nasib aku x baikla kire ni..

Environment very cosy and relax..staff very friendly..harga standardla..mcm TGI,Chillies sume..

Itu ajelah..




Oasis said...

Byk betul ko makan kan...

dura m. said...


where is this market hall eh? those macarons!

MyNewJourney said...

wadi: of kos..mmg aku mengaku aku kuat mkn..haha
dura: dekat pavillion dear.. opposite TGIF..