Sunday, June 26, 2011

JAKEL vs Online

Me and my mother went to Jakel in Shah Alam today. Never been there before all this while i only went to the one in Jln TAR.

Did not intend to buy anything. But it turned out that my parents is actually a good old fren of the Jakel's family when we used to live in Segamat. The 12 siblings,most of them still recognized my mother and they gave us such a good discount that I was thinking to buy my material there & then.

But I had my plan to still purchase my material online,from the website that I had buy before.. Love their stuff very much..And cheaper compared to Malaysia..excluding the shipping cost of course..

Hmm..should I buy in Jakel instead (next time when I go there)? Or should I stick to my plan to purchase online?

Hmmm...thinking thinking..



Fie said...

Would online be cheaper? If not much difference, I say go for Jakel - they have nice stuff.

Btw, you beli kain kat website mana? :D Boleh share tak?

Kerabu Kaki Ayam said...

Website mana tuh online kak?