Thursday, June 30, 2011

Is You Skin Prepared?

Nope.. not mine.

All i know that I want to have a glowing,radiant looking skin during my big day. Well,who doesn't right?

So I know a good care for my skin have to start now! Cannot delay anymore! Somemore I have only a few months left ..

And thank god for all those promotion going right now. Milkdeal lah,Groupon lah,Mydeal lah..sume memberikan potongan yang sangat menakjubkan, Irrestible i must say!

I am really glad all this come at the time I really need them..

So my first facial for my big day was:

[79% Off] Facial + Thermal Eye Treatment + Neck and Shoulder Massage for RM69 instead of RM324. For men / women

at Lissage De Beauty Subang Jaya. The deal is from GROUPON.

To be honest I could not even remember the last time I went for my facial. I think it was so many many years ago. And I only did it at home ever since. Itu pun tak konsisten.So I hope kalau start skrg sempatla lagi nk ubah muka yang dah kusam ni.

Antara treatment yg dibuat haritu ialah: (copy dlm Groupon je)

  • facials by double-cleansing,
  • exfoliating and steaming doltish dermis
  • diligent digits extract blackheads and other skin-smudging impurities.
  • Constricted face, neck and shoulder facades unfurl in a 20-minute aromatherapy massage, before customers embark on facial adventures, choosing from deep cleansing, firming or pigment lightening treatments.

The deep cleaning facial replaces oily and congested skin with blackhead-free complexions, while the firming facial tightens skin through a silk protein mask and serum which fills up pores with collagen to lift sunken surfaces. Customers who opt for the pigment lightening facial may harness the vegetal powers of a multivitamin mask containing carrot extract which infuses the skin with moisture, whilst attracting the occasional rapacious rabbit. A warm honey and vanilla thermal mask rejuvenates tired eyes and helps to diminish dark circles, concluding the affair by subtly posing as an afternoon snack option.

And they used Cellnique product. bestkan?

The front desk

Their private room

Their cellnique product

My comment? xde comment sebab staff die sangat friendly dan baik ! Treatment pun sgt best..lembut aje dorang treat my face. After the facial sume mmgla muke merah2 sbb kene picit2 but rase kulit ni bersih sgt!

This start mmg buat me rasa nk konsisten kan penjagaan kulit muke ni. go Dila!

And... I bought another few coupon already..heeheheh..But too bad the deal in the same place only can be used once. So I have to buy from another few different beauty spa. Some is from milkdeal and Groupon again..

That's all..will update more after I have another facial treatment..daaaaaaa


p/s: pics are from Groupon coupon itself.


fadilahani said...

good dila.. memang kena buat facial pon.. aku dulu tak buat apa pastu masa make-up artist tu nak make-up, mengomel laa mulut dia.. hmm, buat sebyk mungkin yeh.. =D kalau dpt massage satu body lagi bagus.. bila darah circulate dgn baik,ko gerenti cun punya.. ;D