Sunday, May 01, 2011

Wedding of The Century

I hope Im not the last person to talk about this wedding tho.

Suddenly it flashed back all the memories when i was 14, where i was a HUGE fans of late Lady Diana (and her son of course)..i bought all the magazines and book that i could get my hands on,as long that it had Diana's or Will's face on it.hahaha..those were the days..

And how I think half of this world were crazy over William..

Well..finally..he found his other half..

I wasnt really got myself updated with their stories actually..until recently when they got married..i realized how lucky Kate is..but not really lucky at the same time..from now on,everything that she does,she wears,she goes,bla bla bla will be in the middle of attention,especially for the paparazzi.

But..whatever it is..I somehow adore her style...she looks absolutely amazing in anything she has on her!

Some pics of the couple that i love..

From the moment they were engaged..

The moment where she went out of her carriage to reveal her wedding dress to the world..

The moment she waived at her people..

Till the moment they exchanged vows...

All these moments are magical..and she looked stunning..isnt she? Especially during the wedding..forget the moment where her finger got stuck while wearing the ring..forget the moment where all attentions were also for her sister,Pippa..she still has a class on her own..



Oasis said...

x sempat nak hadirkan diri time tu sbb i ada meeting.