Friday, March 11, 2011

Stage Cosmetics Sale

So happy when i got my pressies from my colleague for my birthday!

They were Lip Gloss & Cheek Color from Stage!(no pic)

So nice of them..but it was nicer of them to tell me that currently Stage is having a massive price markdown!

Loving the Interior so much

Me & Kim

Mula2 xnk membeli, last2 kalah jugak dengan promonye yg sgtla menarik..

Let's see what i bought!

Eau Thermale Spray

Liquid concealer (for my eyes & scar of course!)

Lipstick in "Naughty Nude"

Eyeliner in black color

Guess how much i spend for that day? Less than RM 80 !!!!..They even have a buy 1 free 1 promotion that ends somewhere in April..The sale itself will end 2nd why wait?If u are looking for something to add to your make up collection..make your way to nearest Stage outlet.



Hunny Kitty said...

i lev stage too!