Saturday, March 12, 2011

Its Not Just Pretty..Its Pretty Powerful


Another make over..hmm not a really make over actually...but i was being made up but profisonal make up kire make over la tu kan..

I love bobbi brown cosmetics since i tried their two-way foundation that i was first brought in 2009. Ever since i have been using it and loving it. So when i saw this ad i was over the moon!

So last 2 weeks i went to Bobbi Bown in Pavilion with Alia, my officemate to experience it. The SA there was so helpful especially the photographer who let me took my photo a few times.hehe..'s the result...




yeee.saya tau saye tembam skrg!

Check what i wrote for the slogan..Mind that i am sooo not good with this!

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