Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Food Testing

Yap. Last week me and my almost whole of a family went to our first food testing..for the wedding.

My wedding?hahaha nooooo..its for my sis..Didnt i tell u that shes getting married first?hehe...

Anway we were satisfied with the food and deposit has been paid..its just that ade few issues x brape bkenan..bnyak sgt hidden charges.Dah last minute time we all dah confirm baru kluar hidden charges tu..ape laaa..but the officer punye PR mmg undeniably mmg superb la,.rajin je layan my dad yg cerewet tahap dewa tuh..

The lauk we chose were ayam goreng berempah, daging rendang tok, sayur dalca, acar buah-buahan, isi ikan masak kerabu mangga..tropical fruits and air sirap limau with teh tarik.

me n mr fiance