Friday, February 04, 2011

Designer X

Until last week I was pretty sure who will do my baju for my wedding..that is for nikah,reception and bertandang.

Some of you know that Unaisah Azlan will be the one for my nikah..Insyallah its for sure..not just loving her talent..but her PR..Masyallah..superb..will not dissapoint u..and humble sgt2..I am even thinking to have her for my bertandang also..tapi x tau lg die blh buat ke x considering her busy schedule and initially I told her to do my nikah dress only..lets see if luck is on my side..

For my reception actually i dah finalize kan who that 'X' designer..but....sgt2 sukakan sume rekaan die..and price consider still ok lg..kalau i sebut nama die sini msti confirm sume kenal because di kalangan blogger dah ramai amek die ni.tapiii...ade prob sket..

attitude problem kot..

not only me but few bloggers pun ade gak crite dkat i..not sure kalau bride lain xde masalah langsung ngn die but me?hmm..

i sms x pnh nk je die layan..lepas tu i can see the way he replies to customer mcm agak kerekk jugakla..macam konon2 dah fofular (popular) kannnn...aduhhhhh.tensen gak ni

Im a kind of person yg mmg xle tolerate dgn bende2 me kalau org berniaga tp nk kerek2 mmg x layan i love his design very muchooo!!!howw?

patut ke i just buat bodoh and continue ngn die or cari designer lain??

any advice?



Fie said...

sy tumpang laluuuu~

boleh sharing the designer's name? kalau tak kat sini, boleh je email sy. :) tq