Friday, January 14, 2011

What A Beautiful...

This is the only pic I can get to show u all wedding Marion + Nasa di MALDIVES ! I mean yg ade gamba dorang..

Its a beach wedding mind u! memang gaya mat salleh abis laaah..Below are the pics from their wedding planner..

Actually for their nikah,ramai yang ingat Rizalman did all the decos,tp actually sebenarnye this guy la the mastermind behind all the superbly done pelamin ,hantaran for nikah,reception and even majlis di Maldives..well I tell u..damn gorgeous!

Another setting that I heart so MUCH! For their nikah ceremony..

Their hantaran and nikah pelamin.

Its Flora Etc..ive been eyeing this guy to be my wedding tgkla cmne..bajetnye pun kenela consider jugak..i bet most of the B2b out there dah tau pun psl die ni. What I heard is this guy used to work in the States before and was involved as one of the decorator for Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston's cool is that!????

No wonder la hasil kerja die pun superb! Ade lagi gamba2 especially yg majlis kat Mandarion Oriental tp korang tgkla sndiri,maleh plak rase nk mengupload kt sini..hihi..Pics tu sume from Flora Etc punye blog..go check it out bebeh!

It seems that this couple memang suke white kan..almost all konsep and tema die white..sangat cantik,.macam suci jerr..huhu

Enjoy peeps!



bride2wife said...

babe..Flora Etc mmg OTT!!
approached and met them before..but terpaksa lupakan cos its way out of my budget.. hehe

cik suen said...


anyways, just an opinion for u to consider.
nnt kau buat pelamin, buat la stail sofa, so that korang berdua boleh duduk rapat2.

coz frankly, bila aku tengok pengantin duduk jauh2 atas kerusi besar2 bila bersanding, kelihatan sgt tak romantis :)

imho :)