Monday, January 10, 2011


So what i've been up to lately?

Hmmmm..ntahla..banyak sgt bende dah tak tau where to start...

Yang pastinya..

Sangat2 tak sabar untuk berkongsi my wedding preparation

Sangat2 tak sabar nak pg wedding orang sbb nk carik2 idea..

Sangat tak sabar wedding my sis to habis dulu so that I can focus on mine..hahaha..jahat kakak ni kan?

Sangat2 tak sabar nk meet my designers for my nikah,reception and bertandang dress..(for the 1st time)hihi

Sangat2 tak sabar nk finalize who will do the for my pelamin & the decoration

Sangat tak sabar nak confirmkan venue (due to some unavoidable reason..i still couldn't book the place)

Sangat2 tak sabar nak muka diconteng oleh my FAVORITE make up artist (will have special entry for this!)

Sangat2 tak sabar nak pilih my wedding theme and color.(dah ade pun!)

Sangat2 tak sabar nak beli CINCIN!

Sangat2 tak sabar nak duduk bersimpuh sambil berdebar-debar menanti dan mendengar lafaz akad itu!

Sangat tak sabar nak walk the aisle while holding the hand of the man i love AKA my husband (errr...future husband)

Sangat tak sabar nak bergelar isteri (ehh betul ke ni cik Dila?)

Pendek kata..

I am so excited to get married!!!!!

Despite of everything that's going on right now..(too personal to reveal here) Alhamdullillah God still with me giving me strength and patience to go thru that.. And also my fiancee for his kindness and time he spent on me.. I'm soooo blessed.

And also today got the best news..I have been confirmed on my position and got increment!!yahooo!!!..Alhamdullilah segala yang berlaku ade hikmahnye.

Okeh! Next entry is gonna be my wedding checklist..havent come out with one yet..

Till then ladies..



Oasis said...

sabar...sabar....tak kan lari gunung dikejar